Skeptics in the “Show Me State”

September 1, 2009

Coming originally from Missouri and having moved back here last year, I’m increasingly charmed by its nickname: Missouri is known as the "Show Me State," and folks here imagine that Missourians share a devotion to simple common sense. Don’t tell me, don’t lead me to believe, but prove it — show me.

Regardless how credulous people from Missouri are in reality, an exciting new development when it comes to common sense and critical thinking and skepticism is the recent founding of the Skeptical Society of St. Louis . Founded by Michael Blanford, of the St. Louis Science Center, it is a group of relatively young skeptics who are more than just naysayers gathering to complain about all the things they don’t believe in. They aim to add to the intellectual and cultural life of St. Louis and the larger region through outreach, educational programming, and scientific paranormal investigations. Exciting events are planned in the months ahead, including a paranormal investigations workshop, and lectures by leading scientists.

The Skeptical Society of St. Louis also hosts the St. Louis Skeptics in the Pub, co-sponsored by the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. They meet at Jack Patrick’s, a favorite bar of mine which I’m happy to say is directly across the street from the high-rise where I live.

If you are the type, come out and have fun with other St. Louis skeptics. You wouldn’t believe what a warm and fun-loving group they are.