Starting June 4, This is Your Home Base for the Reason Rally

May 18, 2016


The 2016 Reason Rally is almost here, and whether you plan to be there in person or just want to keep up with the day’s events from home, you’ve come to the right place.

CFI LIVE will be your central hub for all things Reason Rally. Starting June 4, this site will be updated frequently throughout the event with news and highlights, interviews with speakers and attendees, insights and commentary from CFI’s on-the-ground team, and the sights and sounds of what is likely to be the biggest celebration of the nonreligious in history.

So bookmark this page now and come back Saturday, June 4! Because whether you’re sitting comfortably at home or witnessing the event firsthand, whether you’re tapping at your phone on the National Mall or kicking back with a laptop 1000 miles away, you’ll be keeping up to date and in the know throughout the Reason Rally, right here at

See you June 4!