Stephen Colbert on Salazar v. Buono Cross Case

October 14, 2009


Be sure to catch this segment of last night’s Colbert Report . CFI filed an amicus brief in the Supreme Court case Salazar v. Buono , involving a Congressional legislative scheme to maintain an eight-foot Christian cross in California’s Mojave National Preserve.  Happily, I was at the Supreme Court last Wednesday on other business, and was privileged to watch in person the oral argument in the case.  During argument, Justice Antonin Scalia made the outrageous assertion that the Christian cross is a non-sectarian indication of the "resting place" of the nation’s war dead.  I have seen no better deflation of this absurd claim than Colbert’s comic commentary.

Keep an eye on the Secular Humanist Bulletin for my extended report on last Wednesday’s oral argument.