‘Bring Back Our Girls’ At 5: Boko Haram’s Forgotten Captives
July 3, 2019 by

It was a bold and brash attack on innocent girls that outraged the world and spawned unprecedented online activism: Boko Haram, an extremist Muslim group in Nigeria, abducted about 276 schoolgirls from a rural secondary school in the town of Chibok on April 14, 2014. Since that time about half have been recovered, and over …

Good Friday for Atheists
April 19, 2019 by

Just because I don’t share religious beliefs with someone doesn’t mean I think that they should be harmed in any way. Quite to the contrary. If you feel the need to kill people because of a difference of opinion, you’ve lost the argument. Validity of beliefs should rest on the merits of the arguments, not the size of the spear.

‘First Man’ A Fitting Space Odyssey
October 15, 2018 by

First Man tells the true story of the first man to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong (played by Ryan Gosling). As the film shows, he got there largely through skill and determination, but also luck and circumstance. The outlines of the story are, of course, well known, and part of the challenge in telling …

Tools of Oppression: Taking on Blasphemy Laws at the UN Human Rights Council
October 1, 2018 by

“Any law that criminalizes apostasy or the defamation of religion is an unjust law.” Holding special consultative status at the United Nations, the Center for Inquiry regularly attends sessions of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. Robyn Blumner, CFI’s president and CEO, was there earlier this month to speak out against blasphemy laws—laws that …