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The Absurd Logical Conclusion

September 11, 2020

The researchers who conducted the study showing discrimination against Muslims and atheists by school principals have an op-ed in the Post timed for the anniversary of 9/11:

We found this discrimination against Muslims to be widespread and systematic across the United States, just as likely to occur in urban areas as in rural areas. The characteristics of the school or the surrounding area matter very little.

Interestingly, public school principals also discriminated at about the same rate against atheists. Emails sent with a quote signed by Richard Dawkins at the end of the missive had a 4.7 percentage point lower probability of receiving a reply.

Good news: The Post reports: “Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has quietly dropped a controversial rule directing states to give private schools a bigger share of federal coronavirus aid than Congress had intended after a federal judge ruled that it violated the law.”

As more Americans are homeschooling, they are going to find that a lot of the materials available to them are targeted “to a distinctly conservative evangelical audience.”

Vermont families who want to send their kids to religious schools are suing to get taxpayers to pay for it.

Teenagers! Religiously, they tend to take after their parents, according to Pew…except! Protestant parents seem to have a looser grip on their kids’ theology, as a quarter of teenage kids of Protestant parents identify as “nones.”

Now Nigeria has sentenced a 13-year-old kid to 10 years in prison for “making derogatory statements towards Allah.” It’s from the same judge who sentenced Yahaya Sharif-Aminu to death.

Asia Bibi says she wants Pakistan’s blasphemy laws to be “changed in such a way as to prevent any abuse of them.” I think the only change that will do that is to scrap them.

This is striking. According to a new study almost 20 percent of Iranians do not believe in a god or any religion.

Bill Blum on the secularism-hating Bill Barr: “Combined with his extremist position on executive power, Barr’s religious fundamentalism makes him the most treacherous man in America, second only to Trump himself.”

Religion scholar Megan Goodwin on QAnon: Not a religion in and of themselves, but “I see them as the absurd logical conclusion of the New Christian Right.

Hemant Mehta notes that Trump’s new judges list includes a bunch of folks who are “all opponents of church/state separation and strong supporters of Christian Nationalism.”

Totally coincidentally, Trump seems to be shedding some support from his religious bloc.

David Mislin at the Philadelphia Tribune recalls the 19th-century battle over a proposed amendment “that would have placed the language of evangelical Protestantism in the Constitution.”

The U.S. is managing to ruin the good thing New Zealand has going with containing COVID-19, as misinformation circulates “among those with links to conservative evangelical or pentecostal churches in the United States.”

Netflix has asked for more Goop. Gah.

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