The Guerrilla Skeptics Got Your Back

October 27, 2017

Rise up, skeptics! Fight for our cause! Not with arms, but with brains and fingers. That sounds weird, but go with me. One powerful way to battle bad information is to go to one of the great repositories of knowledge on Planet Earth, and clean it the hell up. That’s where Susan Gerbic and the Guerrilla Skeptics on Wikipedia come in, facts a-blazing.

You know Susan for her avalanche of interviews in the lead-up to CSICon 2017 (and 2016 for that matter). But her passion is directed toward leveraging the power of Wikipedia to make the world a better place for science and reason, and for the people who work for this great cause.

“We’ve got your back,” she told the assembled skeptics, assuring us that GSOW’s works to protect skeptics, academics, and scientists from online attacks, doxxing, and the badgering of their employers. By encouraging the generation of critical content on pseudoscientific issues, and using it as the foundation for vastly-improved Wikipedia articles, the truth can set up a permanent presence on the Internet. She is not messing around.

Interestingly, she contrasted the GSOW mission with that of the somewhat troubled March for Science, which she expressed some dubiousness about. At the march, “We told the administration…what?” The march lacked a tangible impact, any kind of result that can be pointed to in order to say, “here we made a difference.” The Wikipedia project, on the other hand, is very straightforward. Fix the wrong stuff.

Anyway, THEY WANT YOU: If you want to help out, they could really use you. Translation is a big thing right now. For example, since many of the people interested in the career and cancer-quackery of Stanislaw Burzynski are in Poland, having his GSOW-influenced article on Wikipedia be in Polish is of genuinely high value.

So go see Susan on Twitter at @SusanGerbic and the whole operation at @GSOW_team, and be all you can be.

Header image by @Reason4Reason