The Article that Started It All

December 17, 2014

In my Dec/Jan Free Inquiry op-ed “Thirty Years Yule-Free” I mentioned my 1992 Secular Humanist Bulletin article, “Confessions of an Anti-Claus,” the inadvertent beginning of my personal war on Christmas. Apparently there are some readers out there who haven’t saved their Bulletins from 1992, who want to see that article — but it’s not archived anywhere online. Okay, if you’re terminally curious, here is a PDF scan of the article that started it all.

Tom Flynn as The Anti-Claus

As I wrote in my op-ed (available to FI subscribers here):

[I]n 1992 … I wrote an article in the Secular Humanist Bulletin (SHB) titled “Confessions of an Anti-Claus.” In the vocabulary of a later time, that essay went viral. I spent December 1992 doing nonstop radio interviews. A book contract followed. I had five months to research and write what’s become (make of this what you will) my most popular book, The Trouble with Christmas.

BTW if you’re in Western New York, I’ll be giving my slam-bang giant PowerPoint version of “The Trouble with Christmas” at the Center for Inquiry in Amherst at 7pm