The Asteroid

July 14, 2010

This was transmitted a short time ago from the branch of the Universal Planetary Government called the United States of North America (USNA). A senator from the Confederate-South region was speaking in New Washington on the floor of the USNA congress:

“Fellow senators, fellow North Americans. I rise to address you again on a matter of great concern to many: the much ballyhooed claim of a supposed asteroid strike on our fair city. No doubt you too have seen the repeated alarmist texts from the New York Cybertimes and similar sources. We have been assailed now for months at an increasing tempo, harangued with assertions that a doomsday collision is imminent.

“My friends, we know all too well the atheist scientists behind this conspiracy to foster socialism with scare tactics. We are all intended, no doubt, to huddle in fear while singing some centuries-old anthem of secular brotherhood. These are the very same atheists who have wanted for the past few years to return to the old space-exploration era with a rocket that would, supposedly, deflect their imagined asteroid from a collision course with our planet. As if we had precious oil and other resources to waste on such fantasies! What did their so-called science bring us before we had the common sense to reign it in?

“I say atheist scientists advisedly. Has a single one of them even read the scriptural passages that most clearly refute such nonsense? If it were God’s plan to strike us with an asteroid, he would most assuredly not have declared otherwise. As the book of Revelation forecasts, ‘And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.’ Could anything be clearer? Yet these scientists and their pathetic followers have long ago fled the greater New Washington area and address us from afar.

“‘Look through our telescopes,’ they entreat us. I for one will not take the bait. And Lo, this very morning they have become nearly hysterical, forecasting that the day of our doom—yea, the very hour now—is at hand. So I rise, in this almost empty chamber my fellow North Americans, to speak Truth to Falsehood, to stand as a beacon to steadfastness, to mock the would-be scientific priestcraft in their futile attempt to frighten us into submission and so advance their sinister agenda. Let me say that I—”

Here the transmission ceased. We are checking to see if we can restore our link.