The HEADS Meeting: Your Input Requested

January 9, 2013

I think it’s fairly common knowledge that the leaders of the various nationwide secular organizations have an annual meeting (called “HEADS”) to exchange ideas and discuss how we can best advance our shared objectives. This is your opportunity to give me some input prior to the meeting on a couple of specific topics.

First, before going any further let me mention that the discussions at HEADS conferences are strictly confidential. This policy is important if we are to have candid discussions, so I will not be reporting back on who said what at the meeting. However, there is nothing improper about soliciting your input in advance, especially as this year I’m confident some of the issues likely to be discussed are of interest to CFI supporters.

Specifically, I’d like your input on these two questions: 1. What specific steps do you think secular groups should take to increase diversity within our movement, in particular with respect to the participation of minority groups? 2. As you are aware, there are some stark differences of opinion within the movement about the appropriate understanding of feminism and how feminism (however defined) should influence the practices and mission of secular organizations. How do you think these differences can best be narrowed or resolved?

Suggestions would be most helpful to me if they were supported by a concise explanation of the reasons for the suggestion. You don’t have to write a treatise (although I promise to read it if you do) but a paragraph or so might be useful.

Please mention in your comments if you are a CFI member/donor. I will consider everyone’s input, but I will give more weight to those who support our organization. As they say, membership does have privileges.

The HEADS meeting takes place on Saturday, January 26, so please submit any comments by January 24.