October 26, 2012

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The conference is now officially in full swing, and tonight is the big CSICon Halloween party. I’m actually missing the first event so I can deliver all this crucial information to you, the Morning Heresy readers. You are so welcome. Also of note: Because I forgot my own razor, I had to use the hotel’s cheapie razor to shave, and now my face looks and feels like I just nuzzled up to a cheese grater. I know I’m a big, famous seculebrity, but please, no photos.

Just in time for our skeptical conference, profiles Joe Nickell and his quest for truth about the paranormal, calling him, “the world’s longest-running full-time professional paranormal investigator.” 

Tom Flynn‘s latest salvo against Florida’s religion-funding Amendment 8 addresses the Blaine Amendment’s 19th century anti-Catholic baggage.  

Billy Hallowell at Glenn Beck’s The Blaze does a pretty detailed treatment on CFI’s lawsuit in Indiana to allow secular celebrants to solemnize marriages. 

KBOO in Portland, OR interviews CFI-Portland’s Sylvia Benner on the Humanist Film Festival (at about the 13:30 mark). 

Bob Smietana of the Tennessean (who I expect I’ll see today) reports: Parents of a new baby with a rare, fatal condition take solace in the idea that it is “God’s will.” Writes Smietana:

It’s one thing to talk about God’s will when life is good. It’s another when a doctor is saying your baby won’t live. 

The “trappings of science” may really make proponents of the paranormal more credible to lay audiences.

Irish Times on how social justice may be atheism’s “new face.”  

Adele M. Stan at Salon: Democrats may regret ignoring the nonreligious.  

Victoria Bekiempis in the Daily News on atheists’ bad rep

Truth is, we share some of the blame for the way we’re perceived. If, as our numbers rise, we’re going to be taken seriously, we need to not be so grating in voicing our (non) beliefs. story on how women vote according to their cycles (!) is pulled and retracted.  

Spike TV would like to throw $10m at whoever finds Bigfoot. 

New app tests your psychic powers

Steve Siebold at HuffPo wants you to use critical thinking when deciding how to vote. Good luck. 

NYT: Which candidate is addressing the seriousness of climate change? Neither

Pete Stark, the only atheist in Congress, is being attacked by his opponent (also a Democrat) with insinuations about atheism.

Joanna Piacenza on the cognitive dissonance experienced in the West over our ideas of Buddhism and the reality of Buddhist violence in places like Myanmar.

Guy who shot up the Family Research Council’s DC headquarters charged with terrorism

Peter Boghossian gives a lecture on critical thinking.  

Apparently Jenny McCarthy will not get to write about vaccinations at the Chicago Sun-Times

Quote of the Day         

Mayan descendants have had it with the end-of-the-world crap. Felipe Gomez of Maya alliance Oxlaljuj Ajpop:

We are speaking out against deceit, lies and twisting of the truth, and turning us into folklore-for-profit. They are not telling the truth about time cycles. 

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