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October 30, 2012

Your daily digest of news and links relevant to the secular and skeptic communities.  

If you want to help out those affected by Hurricane Sandy, here’s the Red Cross’s donation page. Google has a pretty robust map with information on the storm, power outages, and shelters. 

You knew it was coming. Hurricane Sandy is a manifestation of God’s wrath for Israel or gays or yadda yadda. 

Fake hurricane photos quickly proliferate on the Internet, which seems like a weird waste of fakery-creativity.  

Defying a ban on their demonstration, thousands of secularists in Turkey march in opposition to the imposition of Islam on Turkish government and culture. Protesters were attacked with tear gas and water cannons and the like, but did not back down

Tom Flynn continues his own relentless march against Florida’s religion-coddling Amendment 8 (though no tear gas reported in Buffalo, as far as I know):

. . .  A great number of the world’s religions, sects, and denominations call the Sunshine State home, and if Amendment 8 passes, each of them will have good reason to expect taxpayer support for its projects. New, sometimes outlandish faith-based schools and charities will multiply, fed by tax receipts. 

Ben Radford unpacks the history and lore surrounding zombie myths

CFI-Argentina gives an update on its substantial work. 

A classic from 2000, Hitchens vs. Donohue, is “unearthed.”

CFI’s Center Stage podcast has part one of an event from last year’s CSICon, “Death from the Skies!” with Phil Plait, David Morrison, and Leonard Tramiel. 

Mitt Romney, televangelist-in-chief?  

President Obama is losing support among American Muslims. Wait, what? Oh, and it might actually affect the outcome.  


CNN: Look out, Ohio. Ralph Reed is coming for you. 

Saudi King “demands” a UN blasphemy law. 

Australian activists lodge complaints against a homeopathic manufacturer for hawking kids’ “remedies” which may delay actual medical treatment. 

Polish rock musician Adam Darski can be prosecuted for blasphemy for tearing up a Bible on stage, says the country’s Supreme Court. 

New study: Certainty in the existence of miracles among Americans is up to 55%, with 4 in 5 Americans open to the possibility. 

At Black Skeptics, annalise fonza (lower-casing is hers) writes about prayer-as-bullying and attention-getting. 

Joan Bakewell at the Telegraph wonders at the lack of humanist representation at the London Cenotaph for Remembrance Day.  

NPR piece on the disparity between how often folks claim they go to church and the reality. 

Happily, a new bike path with not disturb the Icelandic elves

Quote of the Day         

Ottawa Citizen‘s editorial board on the complications of vaccination coordination:

People are squeamish enough about vaccines and the merest hint of doubt could have broad consequences to public health. There is something about willingly being injected with something, while healthy, that requires a rational suspension of instinct. It doesn’t help that the anti-vaccine pseudo-science movement just won’t die.  

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