Kahless is the Reason for the Season

November 21, 2012

Your daily digest of news and links relevant to the secular and skeptic communities. 

The skepto-atheosphere is already having parades and throwing ticker-tape over the news that CFI’s Debbie Goddard has been elevated to Director of Outreach for the organization. Debbie replaces Lauren Becker who, thankfully, remains with CFI as the new Director of Marketing. 

Rubidium atoms tickle each other across a distance of 500 feet as Chinese scientists for the first time achieve quantum teleportation of macroscopic objects

Tim Farley presents the long, sordid, crazy story of Dennis “Mabus” Markuze, newly re-arrested for harassing the skepto-atheosphere. Seriously, this has all the details.

It seems the universe is getting sick of birthing stars, as their birthrate looks to be declining. I blame secular liberal values.

The son of former governor Jeb Bush (also named Jeb Bush) thinks Marco Rubio’s answer about the “mystery” of the Earth’s real age is “strange“:

We’ve got to be a kind of pro-science and pro-technology party. And I think Marco Rubio is just that. On the Earth question, I guess I have to read more closely in terms of getting a better understanding, but, yeah, kind of a strange response, I guess.

Christian-owned store is denied an exemption from the contraceptive mandate of the health care law, a contrast of the allowance given to a Christian publisher days ago. 

British-based Islamist group to declare a fatwa on Malala Yousufzai, the 15-year-old who Pakistani Taliban tried and failed to assassinate for daring to get an education.

The Thinking Atheist tells Malala’s story in a moving video tribute. 

Tom Flynn heralds the decision by Santa Monica to nix all of it’s holiday displays, and then gets into a fighting mood:

Contrary to Fox News, there’s no such thing as the War on Christmas. But there should be! 

You know who needs a tax cut? Unborn fetuses

At least some parents in Little Rock are upset that their kids will be exposed to the religious content in a production of A Charlie Brown Christmas, and they have the backing of a local atheist group. Well.

Church of England gives the thumbs-down to woman bishops, failing to garner a two-thirds majority vote among clergy and laity to make the change. 

Soooooo what exactly is this “big news” that the Curiosity rover has discovered? My guess? Talking goldfish. Like, the crackers. 

GOP senator Tom Coburn goes after wasteful Pentagon spending, highlights what I think is actually pretty crucial, a strategy workshop entitled “Did Jesus Die for Klingons, Too?” (Everyone knows that the Klingons have Kahless to thank for founding the Empire.)

No, actually, phases of the moon have nothing to do with how crazy you are. Try blaming another astronomical object, like, I dunno, this thing.

John Horgan at SciAm on teaching evolution to religious students that might reject it: 

. . . If I don’t prod these young people into questioning their most cherished beliefs, I’m not doing my job, am I?

Religious right figure from the Christianist group the Alliance Defense Fund, Lisa Biron, is arrested for producing child pornography.  

Sean Austin of DePaul is working on a documentaryBlack Beyond Belief.

RNS Kimberly Winston interviews “faitheist” Chris Stedman

The government of the state of New York declares Bigfoot nonexistent. That should settle it. 

Seth Kurtenbach at the CFI On Campus blog writes about the razzle-dazzle with which the entertainment industry gussies up crime scene analysis

Lede of the Day: “A woman in Florida says that God told her to drive 100 mph in a 30-mph zone while blowing her horn at 1 a.m on Tuesday morning.” 

Quote of the Day         

Sharon Hill tweets on the big holiday:

We eat dinosaurs on thanksgiving. #cool 

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