We’re Waterboarding the Easter Bunny Next

November 26, 2012

Your daily digest of news and links relevant to the secular and skeptic communities. 

CFI boss Ron Lindsay says enough with the blacklisting in the skepto-atheosphere:

We need to cut each other some slack. Nor should criticism of one or the institution with which one is associated necessarily result in placement of the offender on the “To Be Shunned” list. We need to develop thicker skins. Critical thinking and a commitment to free inquiry do not mix well with hypersensitivity. 

Some folks have some feelings about Ron’s post, which I’m sure you can find with some light googling.

Hey look! Hemant’s new book is available. Go get The Young Atheist’s Survival Guide so you can, you know, survive! Says Hemant:

This book isn’t just for high school atheists. It’s also for everyone who wants to help them — and for those who just want to know what kind of difficulties those students face.    

If you’re sick at heart over the tragic and totally unnecessary death of Savita Halappanavar thanks to religious dogma, don’t worry, the Irish government is appointing a commission to look into it. Solved.

The Spectator brings us the tale of the time when L. Ron Hubbard and black-uniformed Scientologists tried to take over the island of Corfu. No really. Features people being forced to “walk the plank.”

Cornell pays tribute to Dr. Sagan. 

A certain incoming US House Representative from Arizona answers a question on CNN about whether or not she’s an atheist. And by “answer,” I mean, “emits words following a question.”

Video of Anthony Pinn talking about racial diversity in the theist-atheist debate, at Skepticon.

Dan Carpenter at the Indianapolis Star on the voucher debate:

The Indiana Constitution prohibits the use of public funds to support religious institutions, and that’s exactly what the educational voucher program does — 97 percent of the participants are faith-based schools. 

Apparently, neuroscience, like everything else I suppose, is “under attack” by science writers. How dare you, Chris Mooney?  

Bigfoot is stealing apples

No more ninjas

The Pope has a book that debunks myths about Jesus’s birth. Wait, what? 

Quote of the Day         

Wonkette has the gory details from the front lines of the War on Christmas. Best part?

A strike team using two helicopters dropped into the Eagle’s Nest and found Santa Claus (code-name “Fat Man”) cowering behind one of his wives, whom he was using as a human shield, in a spider hole. He was captured and enhanced-interrogationed by the Council for Secular Humanism.

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