The Morning Heresy 11/2/12: No One Takes This Stuff Seriously

November 2, 2012

Your daily digest of news and links relevant to the secular and skeptic communities.  

And just like that, with a handful of days to go, the reality of climate change entered the campaign. It looked like we were about to endure another Storm of Doom without a serious discussion of its connections to global warming, but yesterday New York mayor Mike Bloomberg (“of no party or clique,” as it were) endorsed President Obama primarily because he does not deny the reality of climate change and the fact that human beings bear responsibility.

Alongside Bloomberg the man, Bloomberg the magazine splashed across its cover, “It’s Global Warming, Stupid.” 

Important: Center for American Progress publishes a report on courting the “None” vote

Jezebel: Anonymous person tries to begin a campaign to pray really hard for Romney’s election because prayer is backed up by science

CFI’s John Shook sees ominous portents in the new ad from Mike Huckabee which John says implies that “nonbelievers right along with liberal Christians will roast in Hell.” 

Sarah Posner does a lengthy facepalm at the frenzy on the religious right as Election Day approacheth:

We’re now seeing the dumbest of religious appeals, the most craven partisan tactics, a dramatic spike in proof-texting the Bible to score political points, and dire prophecies. 

Thomas J. Coleman writes about his CSICon experience for the CFI On Campus blog, and gets the best get-out-of-class excuse note ever

Robert Price has the juicy gossip on what John the Baptist’s followers really thought of Jesus. The truth EXPOSED on The Human Bible!!! <thundercrash!!!> 

Pastor-turned-atheist Jerry DeWitt gets a leg up with a new book and a hand from the Clergy Project. 

Ali Khan Mahmudabad in The Guardian says the Quran cannot be the basis for blasphemy laws, and explains:

The basic motivation behind these laws seems less to do with religion and more to do with a desire by certain countries to create a homogenous society in terms of religious belief. Thus it leaves very little scope for any form of dissent and facilitates the persecution of minorities. 

Alexis Madrigal at The Atlantic on the explosion of Internet fakery during Hurricane Sandy, and how his magazine dealt with it.

LA minister says that keeping politics out of religion is a good thing (and vice versa) but the IRS shouldn’t prohibit clergy from speaking their mind when it “matters.” 

Jann Bellamy at Science-Based Medicine finds unexpected similarities between alt-med and creationism. 

David Gibson at RNS on the Legion of Doom’s electioneering:

A number of Roman Catholic bishops are making forceful last-minute appeals to their flock to vote on Election Day, and their exhortations are increasingly sounding like calls to support Republican challenger Mitt Romney over President Obama. 

Case in point, Bishop Daniel “Obama-is-Hitler” Jenky orders priests in his dioces to read a letter to their congregations right before the election that rages against the president and anyone in politics who doesn’t toe the line.

Americans United sides with the witches, helps Wiccans win the right to perform marriages. Rob Boston will now not be turned into a newt.

Aron Ra, Shelley Segal, Nate Phelps, Greydon Square, Jessica Alhquist, and Rebecca Watson will rally in Florida tomorrow against Amendment 8. 

Neo-Nazi protests in Greece manage to close a production of the Terrance McNally play Corpus Christi due to its “blasphemy.” Yes, I do believe it is still the 21st century.

Kelley Beaucar Vlahos at The American Conservative on the messy business of assembling a new constitution in post-revolution Egypt, and the danger posed by the push for blasphemy laws

Al Arabiya: Islamist thugs hassle a shopkeeper in Egypt, command the cutting out of his tongue for “insulting Islam.” 

India’s supreme court rules that a oaths by elected representatives can be taken “in the name of God” or simply “solemnly affirmed.” 

Psychic allegedly bilks a Tennessee woman out of $200k. 

Paul Willis: Pseudoscience is useful as a foil to test our “growing powers of reason.” 

Balloons, lights, and a fishing line freak people out into thinking the aliens were here. 

Quote of the Day (Sort of)         

From the aforementioned Jezebe
link, the message of the Mega-Prayer for Romney website makes his or her case:

I mean, how could prayer affect a national election?

The idea is just sort of ridiculous really.

Honestly, I don’t even know why you’re still reading this.

No one takes this stuff seriously.

No one at all.

Except Scientists.

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