The Morning Heresy 11/6/12: The Burden Falls on Us to Act

November 6, 2012

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Did you vote yet? No? Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Good job.

Yes, it’s Election Day in the USA! My baby daughter was so excited about it that she got me up at 4am, and as you can see here, right out of the gate my own son is committing voter fraud.

Yesterday, I called upon skepto-atheists to make sure they got themselves to the polls for the sake of proving our demographics’ political worth. Riffing off the bombshell that was Pew’s survey showing one in five Americans were religiously unaffiliated, I wrote:

To my fellow seculars, skeptics, humanists, and nonbelievers, the political class did not see us coming. For decades, maybe centuries, they’ve been avoiding us, ignoring us, or outright reviling us. And then one day in October, they realized that they couldn’t do that anymore. But now we have to prove it. We have to show ourselves in force a the polls tomorrow. 

Speaking of showing force, Skepchick profiles CFI’s Michael De Dora and our Office of Public Policy, using the greatest headline ever: “How CFI’s Office of Public Policy is Kicking Ass and Coming for You Next.”

More ass-kicking: Secularist warrior Eddie Tabash is coming to the University of Utah on November 10 to talk about “What the Separation of Church & State Really Means.” 

And even more of the aforementioned striking of a rear end with one’s foot: Remember former CFIer Julia Burke’s “makeshift marathon” to benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy? Well she raised over $4000. Rock on, Julia. 

Point of Inquiry has a really great “get” this week, as Indre Viskontas talks to Dr. Oliver Sacks

Paul Ryan warns Evangelicals that the president’s reelection puts America on “a path that compromises . . . those Judeo-Christian values that made us a great nation in the first place,” says an Obama victory “puts a chill down my spine.” 

CFI campus wrangler Sarah Kaiser offers some handy advice for leadership transitions for student groups as folks graduate and new folks come in. 

South Carolinian atheist group organizes with the express purpose of doing charity works.  

First the moon landing, and now NASA is faking picnics

The aliens are now invading near the Kashmir-China border, which is just going to piss off everybody

It looks like even the nerds at Stack Exchange can’t figure out what to call a practitioner of pseudoscience (not “pseudoscientist,” right?).  

Cara Santa Maria talks about the rise of the anti-science crowd in Washington on The Young Turks’ The Point. 

James Croft rallies to support Chris Stedman: “Chris is genuine. This is perhaps the one thing Chris’ critics get wrong most spectacularly.”  

Just because a supplement is “natural,” it doesn’t mean that it should be part of a self-administered drug cocktail

Yeah, that’s Neil deGrasse Tyson hanging out with Superman, charting his home planet.

Fundamentalist Mormon and polygamist leader Warren Jeffs’ land is being kept by the state of Utah after Jeffs’ 2011 sexual assault convictions.

Chiropractors cynically capitalizing on a meningitis scare to drum up business. 

Could this be a thing? Ohio’s results could theoretically be swung by the Amish vote

Feeling skittish about today? Need a glimpse into the very-near future? Joe Nickell has worked out your “horror-scope” for the day. 

Faisal Al Yafai in The National of the United Arab Emirates laments the passing of “the unifying viability of secularism” in the Arab world. 

Quote of the Day         

At WaPo, Secular Coalition’s Lauren Anderson Youngblood talks about nonbelievers’ responses to disasters:

As devastating as natural disasters are, they highlight our ability as Americans to recognize our shared humanity and come together to help those in need. For some Americans that includes prayer. As nontheists we don’t pray, instead we believe that the burden falls on us to act.    

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