The Morning Heresy 3/21/12

March 21, 2012

Your daily digest of relevant news and links from Paul Fidalgo 

(Explanation of what this series is about here.)

I lend a quote to a WaPo/RNS piece on the rally, which prominently features SSA’s (and Rally press wrangler) Jesse Galef 

PZ sez: Go to the Women in Secularism conference! All of you!

Fred Edwords in WaPo: More atheists are “coming out,” in part, because we seem more interesting.  

Via the Humanist Community Project, here’s some info on how you can be a good egg and do some volunteering around the Rally 

Oh snap! A blogger at the Discovery Institute called it an UNreasonable Rally! Oh no he didn’t! 

Florida clergy are urging Gov. Rick Scott to veto a bill allowing school prayer when initiated by students (Open letter to the guv here)

AlterNet: Tips for consoling those who grieve without a belief in the afterlife 

Tennessee legislature looking to publicly intimidate doctors who perform abortions and their patients

Also in Tennessee, in Lenoir City, where atheist teen Krystal Myers was barred from publishing a piece in her school paper, the school board has decided to cease opening meetings with prayers  

Saudi Arabia juuuuust might allow women to play on its Olympic team. No word on whether they’ll be permitted to drive while in London

BREAKING: According to Polk County, Florida pastor, atheists “washing away” the magic force field oil meant to keep the godless out are the ridiculous ones 

Check out our press release touting some of the highlights of the latest issue of Free Inquiry 

CNN blog: Jimmy Carter believed in absolute church-state separation as president, said, “I was very careful to keep religious practice out of my decisions as president except for moral values.” 

In case you’re into that kind of thing, the first guy who won “Survivor” is going to be at Atheist Nexus’s rally afterparty. No word on whether he will arrive shirtless.

WSJ: Amelia Earhart back on, as it were, the radar 

Forget drones. According to the Army Times, we’re deploying UFOs. 

The burning question: Should governments acquiesce to the public’s demand for zombie protection? 

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. BUT SOMETIMES IT’S ALIENS

Quote of the Day
Globe and Mail interviews Ayaan Hirsi Ali about, among other things, motherhood:

I’m not going to tell my son there is no God. Why? Because when I was growing up I was told there is a God. I’m just going to tell my son, in regards to morality, once he’s old enough to understand, that there are people who think there is a God, and there are different gods, and there are people who think there is no God, and there are different forms of atheism. 

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