The Morning Heresy 3/22/12

March 22, 2012

Your daily digest of relevant news and links from Paul Fidalgo 

Public opinion tipping point: Pew survey shows majority in US want religion out of politics 

Brave and heroic Tennessee legislator seeks to protect expressions of faith in public schools 

More fun in Tennessee: State Senate passes anti-evolution bill 

AFP: Bangladesh court orders shutdown of Facebook pages for blasphemy, or, because they “hurt the sentiments” of the country’s Muslims. Aw. 

Dawkins on why we really, really need a Reason Rally

The “Thinking Christian,” plugging his anti-Reason Rally book: Atheist community has “no business proclaiming themselves the defenders of reason, simply because they don’t practice it competently.” 

LA Times on Bad Religion’s participation in the rally 

To the Reason Rally organizers: Adam Lee thanks you 

Whatever you do, don’t let your kids ride in a car with an atheist!  

Hussein Rashid: Hard-line Christians and Muslims can actually agree on something: How much they hate “teh Gays”! 

Fox News doc on the efficacy of ginko biloba: “At the end of the trial, no significant difference was noted between those in the ginkgo group and those consuming the placebo.”

CSI’s Ben Radford is speaking in Anaheim this weekend

Ben’s blog post on what he calls the “patronizing” labyrinth phenomenon 

Discovered in Siberia: Weird object that COULD ONLY HAVE COME from a UFO 

Brace yourselves: “Rapture Pets” enterprise was just a hoax

Christian Post on “Send an Atheist to Church” atheist charity project 

Helpful infographic on LiveScience on Bigfoot belief (Wait, Democrats are more likely than Republicans to believe in Bigfoot? My world is shaken.)

Righty WaPo blogger Rubin has had it with Santorum’s “arrogant and bizarre” religiosity 

Glenn Beck’s The Blaze reports on Secular Coalition’s lobby day 

“We wanted a wave of nonreligious and secular voters to flood the halls of every congressional building—and that’s just what we are going to have,” proclaimed Amanda Knief 

Quote of the Day
President Barack “I Come In Peace” Obama at Roswell:

“Let me tell you, there are more nine and ten-year-old boys around the country, when I meet them they ask me, ‘Have you been to Roswell?’ and, ‘Is it true what they say?’ And I tell them, ‘If I told you, I’d have to kill you.’ And their eyes get all big. So, we’re going to keep our secrets here.” 

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