In Transit

March 23, 2012

The quick-and-dirty, in-transit-to-the-Reason-Rally edition! 

Your daily digest of relevant news and links from Paul Fidalgo — LIVE FROM THE PORTLAND, MAINE JETPORT!

Rick Wingrove of Beltway Atheists gets op-ed in WaPo: “Reason Rally will show that all the cool people are atheists now and that the days of consent by silence are over.” Hell yes. 

Washington Times coverage of Reason Rally press conference with Dawkins, Silverman, Galef, Bey 

NPR piece on Reason Rally 

Hemant in WaPo: “Even though there may not be a physical building where we can meet, atheists have discovered communities online that weren’t around a decade ago.” 

Herb Silverman in WaPo touts what the atheist movement has learned from Christian Coalition in forming Secular Coalition for America:

“As a result, we now cooperate on the 95 percent we have in common, rather than argue about the 5 percent that distinguishes us from one another.”  

We do? I mean, yes! We do! 

Christian Post covers Rock Beyond Belief, military atheists 

Arizona Republic rolls its eyes at another “firestorm” over legislation meant to sneak creationism into schools

San Luis Obispo atheists challenge parking privileges for church-goers 

UFOs are hot-dogging at an air show 

Did you know about this anti-vax “documentary“? 

Quote of the Day
Letter to the editor in Topeka Capital-Journal

With a God in our national motto, it fosters an erroneous view that atheists are un-American and can lead some to pre-judge us nonbelievers in negative ways. In fact, most atheists are likeable, thoughtful, compassionate Americans and supportive of the right of all Americans to exercise their religious freedom without governmental interference.

Safe travels, everybody! — Paul 

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