Post-Rally Stupor

March 26, 2012

Your daily digest of relevant news and links from Paul Fidalgo

This will have to be a quick one today folks. Yes, there’s an enormous deluge of Reason Rally coverage, but I just lost hours of work on this morning’s Heresy because, yes, I didn’t hit “save.” And I am crushed. So this was going to be longer, but I think I can still give you the important stuff.

And by the way, it was so great to meet and reunite with so many of you this weekend. I’m very proud of us.

To the news! 

Washington Post covers the “coming out moment” – quotes me: “We have the numbers to be taken seriously.”

NPR’s Scott Simon does a broad-view piece on the movement, talks to me and Jesse Galef 

Michigan Live quotes CFI-Michigan’s Jennifer Beahan: “We are a smart, significant and growing minority in this country. This is a celebration of our rights as Americans and gives us an opportunity to say we are here and we are going to be vocal.” 

Check out our boss Ron Lindsay riling up the doubters

Allahpundit at Hot Air doubts my assertion of a lack of formal partisanship at the rally, but includes me among his quotes of the day. Compliment?’s video report of the rally and Al Jazeera English

Village Voice does rally’s “10 best signs,” WaPo slideshow too 

Hemant’s big-ass recap of the rally (and Hemant’s speech was awesome, wasn’t it?), Ed Brayton gives his yeas and nays (“I hate chanting”) 

Sadly and predictably, USA Today religion writer gives lede to Dawkins’ “show contempt” line, manages to vaguely link Dave Silverman with killing of Trayvon Martin. Classy.   

Up with Chris Hayes on MSNBC did an entire episode on the secular movement with Dawkins and Jamila Bey. I haven’t seen it yet, but as soon as I publish this I will — ‘cuz that’s my job. 

CNN blog highlights student emphasis

LA Times does an interview with Nate Phelps 

UN Human Rights commission to omit anti-blasphemy language from religious intolerance resolution  

In Cuba, Pentecostals are up, Catholics are down 

HuffPo apparently has someone on the beat of “evidence-based homeopathy” — must be a pretty blank page, then. Zing!

Anti-contraception rallies abounded this weekend, including in Maryland as reported by Sarah Posner 

After losing all my work, I could stand to visit the psychic surgeon in Brazil  

Headline of the day: NYT – “I Regret Eating My Placenta”

Easiest headline to answer of the day: NPR – “Is Homeopathy a Sham?”

Quote of the Day
From a joint letter from Florida clergy to Gov. Rick Scott, urging him to reject the latest prayer-in-school bill”:

And by the way the separation of church and state is an American creation. It’s like Jazz. And it’s one of the jewels in our crown. 

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