Get Off My Lawn

March 27, 2012

Your daily digest of relevant news and links from Paul Fidalgo

More Reason Rally coverage, reaction, and aftermath:

Fox-DC TV package is fair and positive, does give unnecessary attention to Cthulu protester guy (oh, look what I did there.)

Sarah Posner in the Guardian: Rally is first show of potential “political muscle” for seculars (This article also features my favorite picture so far from the rally)

Hemant and Randi join RNS’s atheism beat reporter Kimberly Winston on NPR’s “On Point” 

AP: Ahlquist gets chunk of change from heathens 

NPR’s Barbara King (who questioned the wisdom of having Dawkins prominent at the rally) interviews the “Alpha Atheist” 

CNN iReport slideshow 

Libby Heily’s action-packed and super-terrifying experience at the Rally (not really): “It turns out the secular world is stirred into a frenzy by ideas.”  

– – Rally naysayer collection for Tuesday – –

Catholic News Agency shockingly focuses on Dawkins’ “mockery” lines

World Magazine sneers at atheists: “I always find it humorous and interesting when those who refuse to acknowledge Certainty behave and act with such, well, certainty.” You’re right! That IS hilarious!

Catholic League takes Dawkins’ disses as sign of their Supreme Power  

Wingnut outlet Rally not a success because Drudge didn’t talk about it 

In other non-rally news:

Tom Flynn is glad to see folks having fewer babies (though I suppose that hurts atheists’ food supplies

Friendly Atheist: the Little League pledge is theist-specific 

Robert Wright wrestles with agreeing-and-yet-disagreeing with Dawkins  

FFRF’s ad run during CBS Evening News, via WEIT 

Sarkozy to radical Muslim clerics: Descendre de ma pelouse  

Christian Post: SCOTUS not touching Idaho state court ruling that religious books in public schools are unconstitutional 

Guy who wrote a book how skeptics are wrong to doubt ESP writes article about how skeptics are wrong to doubt ESP 

Only a pet psychic can save Korky the Cat! 

Run! South Carolinian sea monster!!! 

More fun in Tennessee:

Kannapolis city council not going to start meeting with prayers, will opt for “silent prayers” instead. Oh, well that’s good. 

AP: FFRF wants word “religion” off cops’ uniforms in Lenoir City, TN

TN governor “warming up” to creationism-in-schools bill 

Quote of the Day

Paul Waldman (who’s done some great writing on our movement) putting his finger on the problem in a great piece in American Prospect:

“. . . it won’t be easy for secular Americans to become better organized as a political force, even as they increase in number. The major impediment to that kind of organization is the fact that it is very difficult for secularists to conceive of themselves in tribal terms.”