What’s In *Your* Wallet?

March 28, 2012

Your daily digest of relevant news and links from Paul Fidalgo

CFI’s Michael De Dora cautiously applauds the lack of anti-blasphemy language in UN Human Rights Council declaration

Speaking of which: Reuters – Kuwaiti government arrests Twitter user for “the abusing of social networks . . . to offend basic Islamic and spiritual values”

The Consumerist: Capital One rejects atheist symbol on customized credit cards, has no problem with Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

I am newly honored with my first dissing from right-wing faux-media watchdog outlet Newbusters   

Sarah Posner (Religion Dispatches) and Paul Waldman (American Prospect) discuss the secularist movement on Bloggingheads.tv 

Hank Fox discovers a welcoming community and astounding bravery at the Reason Rally 

With a hat tip to the Token Skeptic, an awesome infographic from the National Post on world religions, with a hefty representation for we seculars (one billion, y’all, WHAT-WHAT!) 

How about the 36 best signs from the Reason Rally? Scientifically derived, I presume (My favorite of this list)

Glenn Beck and allies have elevated Todd Stiefel to the level of arch-demon himself, dubbing him “the George Soros of atheism.” Congrats, Todd!

Beck’s “news” outlet then tut-tuts the rally for Minchin’s dirty, dirty curse words  

Michigan Live: Right-to-die activist to address CFI-Michigan 

CFI head honcho Ron Lindsay will be with the Humanists of Minnesota in May

Protests in Turkey over “Islamification” of public schools 

AP: Park Service fines a guy $525 for searching for Bigfoot without a permit 

LA Times: Bigfoot is hot, hot, hot! 

Mary Elizabeth Williams in Salon: When will Christians stop being portrayed in the media as loonies? 

Long-time small-minded curmudgeon Cal Thomas engages in small-minded, anti-atheist curmudgeonry 

Crunch all you want, we’ll make more UFOs 

Christopher Lane in HuffPo: There’s more to evolution than Darwin himself 

Oklahoma, where the waving wheat can sure smell sweet, and the legislature makes the state motto redundantly theistic (via Friendly Atheist) 

Quote of the Day

Ron Bailey in Reason Magazine

If this trend toward nonbelief continues, it’s going to be harder and harder for believers to “hate” atheists because the damned nonbelievers are going to turn out to be people they already love and value, their children, other relatives, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.