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March 29, 2012

Your daily digest of relevant news and links from Paul Fidalgo

20-year-old Iraqi Faisal Saeed Al Mutar in Big Think: “I didn’t become a Secular Humanist because of my hatred for organized religion but because I understand them. Secular humanism is not a way of revenge but a way of life that all humanity needs.” 

New Point of Inquiry episode, hosted by Indre Viskontas, features David Morrison. Listen before an asteroid hits us this year. 

Via Hemant: Gallup says 32% of US is nonreligious??? Huh? This US?

We’re underrepresented in prison. Can you say “growth opportunity”?? 

The homeopathic solution to the unemployment problem 

NYT: Rising tensions in France for Muslims after Toulouse killings 

Justin Griffith of Rock Beyond Belief at Fort Bragg in a press release: “Commanders at the military base have decided not to allow atheists to collect food for local homeless veterans.”  

Hooray for The Oatmeal: I wonder if the atheist extremists will shake those beers until they explode 

Canadian paper: UFO community suffers “staggering blow” in effort to uncover US government’s conspiracy by not gathering sufficient signatures

Luckily, this guy is writing a book about a New Mexico UFO landing that the military covered up in 1948

Dallas movie theatre spooked from running atheist ads 

NY Post: Psychics and their astounding influence: “I run their marriages, help them make money…People have changed careers, left relationships or adopted children because I told them to.”

Blag Hag: This rally sign isn’t funny (agreed). 

Houston Chronicle talks to Anthony Pinn about The End of God-Talk 

PZ is sending his daughter as his ambassador to the Women in Secularism conference (which he encourages men to attend, by the way) 

Christian Post op-ed: Dawkins instructs atheists to “bully” believers 

Sasquatch is hiding behind trees in Pennsylvania 

Quote of the Day

Ed Brayton, countering a Fox News anti-rally op-ed 

One can criticize a viewpoint and still defend the right to hold and express that viewpoint, and nearly all secularists do exactly that. Indeed, the freedom of religion is far safer in the hands of secularists than it is in the hands of religious fundamentalists. 

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