Ralph Reed, Friend to Atheists

April 10, 2012

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CNN: Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) says there is probably no such thing as atheists because we have “in God we trust” on our money. I don’t understand the rest of what he said, either.

Ironically, Ralph Reed gives the far more generous take on atheists’ chances and qualifications for serving in public office. Ralph-Freaking-Reed!  

New Point of Inquiry podcast, where the tables are turned: Chris Mooney becomes the guest (talking about his book “The Republican Brain”), interviewed by CFI’s John Shook (Chris also did a stint on The Young Turks)

Phil Plait: Anti-vaxxers in Colorado contributing to outbreak of whooping cough, infant deaths

American Academy of Family Physicians pushing back against anti-vaxxers   

Hertzberg in the New Yorker remembers the best of all Republicans: Robert Ingersoll:

“I am a Republican because that party allows me to be free—allows me to do my own thinking in my own way. I am a Republican because it is a party grand enough and splendid enough and sublime enough to invite every human being in favor of liberty and progress to fight shoulder to shoulder for the advancement of mankind. It invites the Methodist; it invites the Catholic; it invites the Presbyterian and every kind of sectarian; it invites the freethinker; it invites the infidel, provided he is in favor of giving to every other human being every chance and every right that he claims for himself.”


Prepare to lose all hope: 50 banned words from New York City public education system (hat tip Austin Cline) 

Hemant: Atheists need better stories

Sarah Posner: Liberals using the Bible to defend liberalism are making a bad case 

MAAF: Air Force no longer requiring Bibles in hotel rooms  

Oregonian: “Hiatus” in climbing temperatures fueling debate over truth of global warming 

Wired: James Randi on huckster mediums:

“. . . such performances seem to prey on people at their most vulnerable moments — those who have suffered the loss of loved ones — and these mediums use such grief to make a buck.” 

Chris Matthews on church-state separation, says morality is “often if not always grounded in religion.” Also:

“Our history shows that religion, and the powerful moral beliefs it teaches, can be a propelling force for good. We also know how it can be a deep and powerful divider. Oh yes, it can, Mr. Santorum.”    

Religion Dispatches writer, reporting on “inquisition” perpetrated by Church counsel against abuse accusers, eagerly awaits for when “justice comes rolling down like waters, and drowns the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the rest of the complicit leadership of the Catholic Church.” 

Nashville TV coverage of FFRF billboard subject, “This is what an atheist looks like.” 

Wichita TV coverage of local Coalition of Reason billboard, remarkably positive 

Bad Religion posts their own video of Reason Rally highlights 

BBC reports on Kentucky Bigfoot hunters 

The Atlantic: What drives the guy who did the Kony 2012 thing? Jesus

Bloggers reporting that two atheists have been convicted of blasphemy in Tunisia for insulting pictures of you-know-who 

Philly Inquirer on how creationists “hijack” scientific language for anti-evolution bills (features Eugenie Scott) 

Google Earth is totally failing to hide all the UFO activity in space (complete with video with X-Files theme) 

Quote of the Day  

Surly Amy helps a reader talk about what’s wrong with homeopathy:

“The best way to explain how ineffective homeopathy is, is to simply explain how it is supposed to actually work.”

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