$23-an-ounce Tube of Water

April 11, 2012

Your daily digest of relevant news and links from Paul Fidalgo

Ron Lindsay casts a skeptical eye on Chris Mooney‘s new book’s thesis (as expressed in this week’s Point of Inquiry)

CFI’s Dren Asselmeier on religious conservatives’ fuzzy thinking on gay rights and church-state separation (with a fun George Takei picture)

What else happened yesterday? Oh yeah: Santorum bows to the inevitable

Sarah Posner: Now we’re stuck with all the junk Santorum brought to the campaign 

Washington Times op-ed: Santorum supporters should back Ron Paul (of course they should) because he’s also a devout Christian 

“Who’s besieging who?” Wendy Kaminer on atheists’ legitimate feelings of ostracization

NYT: French Muslims fear they will “pay the price” for the killings by Mohammed Merah 

Heritage Foundation blog (!!!) uses CFI’s opposition to mandated acupuncture coverage as evidence of health care law’s flaws

Ophelia says sign the petition to free Kashgari 

“Now Lebanon!” on the plight of nonbelievers in Tunisia, Egypt:

“. . . since Islam traditionally regards Judaism and Christianity as legitimate, though imprecise, monotheistic faiths, it is not hard to imagine an Islamist-influenced Arab political order protecting the religious and civic rights of these relatively small minorities, even if the most extreme Islamists won’t want to do this. . . . What is most disturbing is that it is almost impossible to imagine an Islamist-influenced system protecting the religious rights of skeptics, agnostics and atheists.”

Rebecca Watson: Urban Outfitters hawking homeopathic junk – “Finally! A $23/ounce tube of water that speaks to my concerns as a woman or a man or a teen.” 

Meanwhile, Nobel Prize winning scientist who discovered the HIV virus to address homeopathy convention

Justin Griffith: Navy atheist finds a way to come out 

DCist: Library of Congress staffer says he faced harassment for being gay and nonreligious 

AP: Group gets ready to charge $300-$500 to join search for Bigfoot in West Virginia 

In Michigan, Bigfoot knocks over fans 

Red dots in the sky over Texas City freaking people out (local homeland security says it’s a prank)

Take a UFO tour in New Mexico! 

UK alt-medicine quack used practice to sexually assault women 

Study in Pediatrics medical journal: alt-med treatments for asthma in children “not necessarily competitive” with actual medicine 

Tennessee governor allows anti-evolution bill to spontaneously generate itself into becoming a law 

Adam Lee wants you to join the other heathens on Kiva and help some folks out 

Okay, that was a lot. Clear your head with a poem about Nessie from our own Joe Nickell 

Quote of the Day  

NYT letter to the editor from Marc Merlin, responding to a piece on the “benefits” of superstition

“If only superstition were somehow confined to the personal sphere of lucky charms and self-affirmations. Sadly, that is not the case, and the rest of the world suffers as some insist on continuing to think magically.”

Linking to a story or webpage does not imply endorsement by Paul or CFI . Not every use of quotation marks is ironic or sarcastic, but it often is. 

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