Woodrow Wilson’s Head Explodes

April 12, 2012

Your daily digest of relevant news and links from Paul Fidalgo

Hemant: Jessica Ahlquist is still under siege in Cranston 

Secular Organizations for Sobriety (SOS) on April 28 to introduce new group for victims of merciless childhood peers, and not a moment too soon, with founding of ABAC: Adults Bullied As Children

“These debilitating experiences may carry lifelong emotional consequences and the impact of our pain from having been bullied can be shared and alleviated in a safe, secular self-empowering mutual support group setting; the group dynamic can provide acceptance, strength, and energy in order to overcome, to grow, to feel appropriately good about ourselves both collectively and individually.”

NCSE rounds up criticism of Tennessee’s new creationism-in-school law 

David Gibson: Joseph Smith, Al Smith, JFK to Mitt Romney — Matthew Bowman, author of a new book on Mormonism, to Gibson:

“. . . if you’d told Woodrow Wilson that a hundred years after his election the two major party candidates would be a Mormon and a black man, his head would probably have exploded.”  

NPR intern gushes over Bad Religion at the Reason Rally 

Rep. Allen West thinks there’s about 80 Communist Party members in the US House, Sarah Posner sees roots of his paranoia in old-school Christian tract 

Founder of the Clergy Letter Project: “The claim by Republicans that there is a war on religion turns reality on its head and attempts to make victims out of perpetrators.” 

Atheist NYU student in HuffPo: Ontological anxiety and the illusion of religious choice

National Review: Al Gore is hysterical about global warming, as evidenced by letter from former NASA scientists and astronauts (including Buzz!!) asking NASA to stop acting as though global warming is real

Irish Times op-ed on nonsense “homeopathic vaccines”:

“As is often the case with pseudoscience we are presented with technical sounding language, but without substance or scientific rigour.”  

Quote of the Day  

Former Rep. Alan Grayson on Santorum’s exit from the GOP race:

“Personally, I think that sweater vests are a crime against Nature. If God had wanted us to garb our torso and our arms differently, then God would not have invented the seam. It was God who invented the seam, right? You will note that nowhere in the Bible are sweater vests mentioned.” 

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