The Morning Heresy 4/2/12: Pill-Popping Mouth Breathers

April 2, 2012

Your daily digest of relevant news and links from Paul Fidalgo

CFI’s “Living without Religion” campaign wins Favorite Atheist/Agnostic Ad of 2011 at! High fives all around.

Ron Lindsay on the long road for atheists in America 

Bill O’Reily’s traveling sidekick Jesse Watters tries to make fun of the Reason Rally, does a poor job, and tells his boss that the atheists were mean to him.

[Listen folks, for the record, I spoke to Watters myself, and was about as nice and brotherly as one could be, and offered to help his crew out any way we could, and he of course declined, hoping instead to get more footage of people in funny clothes. I don’t know who else he met that “heckled” him, but he definitely got a diplomatic and polite greeting from many (I suspect most) of us.]  

The latest Human Bible podcast is up – in which God has trouble picking a name for himself 

Hemant plugs a CFI-Okanagan event on the truth about vaccines 

Thinking Atheist does a moving video on his experience at the Reason Rally 

Reuters covers Rock Beyond Belief, AP here

Pittsburgh Tribune looks at life through an atheist’s eyes in Wisconsin 

City government internal feud in Plainfield, NJ as one councilmember refuses to salute the flag or partake in prayer (h/t Hemant)

Glenn Greenwald pushes for the candidacy of Cecil Bothwell for the US House (yes, another h/t to Hemant)

Andrew Sullivan yearns for an apolitical Christianity 

David Niose on the secular movement: “Keep both oars in the water.” 

KPLU (NPR affiliate) looks at the history of Bigfoot in the Northwest 

Americans United say ‘I know, let’s NOT spend $11 million in taxpayer funds to help out a creationist theme park!’

Kuwait National Assembly discussing increasing the penalty for blasphemy to life imprisonment or death

Freeman Dyson in NYRB on pseudoscience in physics, and the humanity of its practitioners “columnist” calls people to take actual medicine for allergies “OTC pill-popping mouth breathers,” recommends honey as a cure, insists studies claiming its inefficacy were, of course, “flawed” 

This psychic can predict soccer game outcomes…and he’s an octopus!!! 

The Atlantic: Rosemary oil can make you better at math. Wait, what? 

AP: Mormon leaders say beware of the “dark magnet” of secularism (Ooh! New band name!) 

AlterNet takes a long look at how religion is changing (and not changing) — key for us:

Much to the surprise of both the very religious and the entirely irreligious, non-theism consistently shows up as the second or third most popular philosophical worldview across most of the US. According to a 2008 survey by the City University of New York, atheism is cited as the number one orientation (by proportion of adherents) in Washington and Idaho, and it’s number two or three in almost all the other states. 

Hank Fox’s harrowing coming-out tale…as a ninja

My mother tried one of those “talks” with me later. “Honey … have you tried NOT being a ninja?”

I tried to get her to see it. “No, Mom, this is who I am. I’ve known it for years. You might as well get used to it, because I’m telling everybody. Your son is a ninja.” 

Atheist Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard, joking with President Obama:

“You think it’s tough being African-American? Try being me. Try being an atheist, childless, single woman as prime minister.”

Quote of the Day

From The Oatmeal comic seri
 (you’ll have to see it to understand):

“Ich bin ein polynomial!”

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