God Sounds Like Spock

April 30, 2012

Your daily digest of relevant news and links from Paul Fidalgo

I’m a little late getting the Heresy out today, making the “Morning” part of it suspect, but that’s because we have a lot going on this morning. Specifically…

CFI is suing the Wyndgate Country Club in Michigan for breach of contract and religious discrimination in the cancellation of a Richard Dawkins event for CFI-Michigan.

See our official press release here

The media in Michigan is already jumping on the story

There’s the Detroit NewsMichigan Live, and the Oakland Press has a little poll about it

CFI’s woman-of-many-titles Debbie Goddard was a guest on Black Freethinkers’ Internet radio show

The National Day of Reason is coming, and my chat with Kimberly Winston of RNS runs in WaPo, HuffPo, and USAToday, er, Po:

In times of great conflict and worry, people want to look to a higher power, and I am sympathetic to that. But our day puts the focus back on people and what we can do for ourselves.

Meanwhile, the National Day of Prayer Task Force (because they need a “task force”) is scared silly by us atheists

Kylie Sturgess figures it all out, lays out the rules for Atheist Club

Some fantastic Unite Women rallies took place on Saturday, with enthusiastic participation from CFI staff and supporters.

Adam Lee previewed the big day, writing:

. . . atheists and feminists are natural allies: our goals converge. Feminists want women to have equal decision-making power and to exercise control over their own biology, and atheists want to limit the power of oppressive, fundamentalist religions that propagate themselves by enslaving women for use as child-bearing vessels.

On the complete opposite of this positive news – Washington Times: “Honor killings” of women with “loose morals” approved by Chechen president

George Dvorsky talks up his CFI online seminar in transhumanism

Sam Harris defends profiling Muslims at airports, and curtail the “tyranny of fairness.” Hemant reminds us that there are also brown people who aren’t Muslims

Former mayor of Fargo on how a Ten Commandments monument led him to become a freethinker

More from the continuing saga of the Legion of Doom vs. the Nuns

  • Marion Ronan in Religion Dispatches: “We Catholic women understand the enormous debt we owe our sisters, and we are not pleased to have their faith denigrated in such a vile fashion even as they move into old age.”
  • Nick Kristof: “Nuns rock!”
  • Mauren Dowd: “How can the church hierarchy be more offended by the nuns’ impassioned advocacy for the poor than by priests’ sordid pedophilia?”

Emily Diele interviews Herb Silverman about his new book at Friendly Atheist

It felt good to come out of the closet as an atheist. I’ve now taken one further step and come out of the closet with my life. If I ever run for office again, my opponent will not have to do any opposition research.

Psychic goes WAY out on a limb in missing persons case:

Everything around it seems strange to me. There may have been money involved. May have been taken by a family member or friend.

WOW! No way anyone but a psychic could come up with that.

Leah Libresco deals with “drive-by trolls”

The UFO Chronicles says you’ve been “duped” by Skeptical Inquirer. You’re welcome.

Montreal Gazette column: “The effects of homeopathy are indistinguishable from the placebo effect.”

CNN blog: What does God sound like? One answer: Spock!

Machiavelli the atheist? Nick Spencer in the Guardian notes The Prince‘s “deafening silence when it comes to any final divine judgment.”

Ohio Bigfoot conference attendee: “Bigfoot’s not a laugh anymore.”

While you’re not laughing, help this guy go Bigfoot hunting. Bring your “camra” and your “vidio recoreder”

Minnesota Daily op-ed on how morality requires conscious thought, not fear of divine disapproval

Study across 30 countries shows that religiousness increases with age

AP: Mormon leaders warn of secularism’s contribution to “a host of societal and economic ills.”

Scottish Scouts are being told to keep their atheism to themselves

WEIT guest post on whether Sagan was a “militant atheist”

Alien probe seen in Halifax

SETI’s Seth Shostak in HuffPo on UFO theorists:

The fact is, if you’re certain that our planet is hosting alien visitors, the way to gain acceptance for your point of view is to prove it, not insist that the problem lies with third parties.

Mayor of Troy, NY makes oxymoronic statement:

There is a separation of church and state. I lead the city for the residents. . . . There’s been a prayer service at City Hall every Thursday morning before the start of business for about 10 years.

Quote of the Day

The Blue Collar Atheist himself, Hank Fox, op-eds in the Times-Union:

My own particular brand of atheism is that I actively disbelieve in all those gods. Which means I’m convinced they don’t exist, just as I’m convinced the Hulk doesn’t exist. No Hulk, anywhere, ever. Not just that there isn’t one, but there can’t be one.

Linking to a story or webpage does not imply endorsement by Paul or CFI . Not every use of quotation marks is ironic or sarcastic, but it often is. 

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