The Morning Heresy 4/3/12: Bigfoot for Governor

April 3, 2012

Your daily digest of relevant news and links from Paul Fidalgo

Happy birthday to SSA’s Jesse Galef, who also served as official press wrangler for the Reason Rally! Well done, my friend. Jesse turns, I think, 12 today.

NCSE: Oklahoma anti-science education bill dead (for now) 

Not even the widow of Ted Kennedy is safe from the institutional tut-tutting of Catholic bishops 

Romney is confronted with questions about LDS position on interracial marriage, deftly avoids awkward altercation  

Jones County, NC county commissioners are just going to keep on a-prayin’ at public meetings 

SciAm picks apart religious interference in medicine: “Should their ‘conscience’ trump yours?”

All Things Considered considers Bart Ehrman and his book “Did Jesus Exist?” 

NY Post: Science losing credibility with public because of “big-government schemes.” Of course! 

Cryptomundo on Oregon governors’ love of Bigfoot 

WSJ: Chinese folk remedy might actually help with easing symptoms of chemotherapy 

WikiLeaks UFO? (UPDATE: I am informed in the comments that I ought to be clearer about the credibility of this link, the veracity of which I have no confidence in of course. Here’s a Forbes piece on how WikiLeaks really has nothing going on with UFOs)

Charleston City Paper plugs Herb Silverman’s new book 

World magazine covers “Bibles-for Porn” at University of Texas, hilariously and unintentionally filed under “Hot on Campus” 

PC World: Pakistan facing pressure to stop filtering the Internet for porn and blasphemy 

Quote of the Day 

Dawkins, in his foreword to Herb Silverman’s book

   “Back in America, he has undertaken various political campaigns, losing them with his own distinctive panache as a means to winning a more timeless battle.”

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