The Morning Heresy 4/4/12: It Burns!

April 4, 2012

Your daily digest of relevant news and links from Paul Fidalgo

Michael De Dora blogs: Vast majority of voters, including Republicans, want a science-focused presidential debate

Greta Christina really, really wants you to go to the “barn-burner” that will be Women in Secularism Conference — and so do we! 

Trump is now anti-vax (is that bad or good?) 

PZ chuckles at Romney’s war-on-religion canard 

Dawkins and Faircloth on KPBS radio in San Diego 

NYT: Philadelphia Archdiocese drags its feet for a decade on abuse accusations 

Warm-hearted profile of Herb Silverman in Charleston City Paper 

According to an important (and short) new book by puppet-master Brian Hogg (he who is Walt Mosspuppet), God is really, really sorry  

NYT: FDA vs. Obama administration as politics can often trump science 

Conservatives instantly lose their minds as sociologist says that climate change denial is a “sickness” akin to racism that should be “treated” 

Headline of the day: Irish Priest Accidentally Shows Gay Porn

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette plugged yesterday’s Steel City Skeptics/CFI Secularism on Campus event  

Guardian: Edzard Ernst (best name ever) feels a little better about homeopathy, but not because it works

“. . . patients can experience significant improvement from non-specific effects. This is why they get better after seeing a homeopath – but this has nothing to do with the homeopathic sugar pills.”

Meanwhile, has Scientific American gone woo-woo, but only in Brazil? 

Tom Chivers, in a thoughtful piece about the alleged loneliness inherent in atheism, writes:

“In fact, what we atheists . . . have going for us is that, in the end, we’re almost certainly right.”  

HuffPo: 40-year-old UFO encounter by military pilot  

Smoky vortex UFO! 

Richard Schiffman in HuffPo: Teach about religions in school 

I came across a web ad that will make Dawkins’ head explode: “Your baby is a Christian” (screen grab) 

Quote of the Day 

Just-outed atheist pastor Theresa MacBain from her speech at American Atheists convention:  

“You were the ones who were going to burn in hell and I’m happy to say, as I stand before you, I’m going to burn with you.”

Local coverage of her outing here 

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