The Morning Heresy 4/5/12: Put-Upon Pups

April 5, 2012

Your daily digest of relevant news and links from Paul Fidalgo

Anne Klaeysen of the New York Society for Ethical Culture in NYT disses “In God We Trust” on currency

Austin Dacey and Pamela Takiff hold a discussion on blasphemy at the UN

RNS: President Obama delivers “mini-sermon” for Easter prayer breakfast, because that’s totally the president’s job 

Foreign Affairs: Obama should appeal more (and more effectively) to religion and religious freedom:

“In a world defined in large part by the growth of global faith, Obama would be wise to do so as well. Democracy promotion is important, but it would be far more effective if tied explicitly to the spread of religious liberty.” 

Brookings: Turkey not as bad on secularism as you think 

Dallas-Fort Worth Coalition of Reason gets its heathen ad up at the movies 

Foundation Beyond Belief announces its beneficiaries for Q2 2012 (via Hemant)

EJ Dionne: “If Easter is about liberation, this liberation must include intellectual freedom.” 

Art historian on the Shroud of Turin: “The appearances of the risen Jesus were simply viewings of the shroud image.” Our own Joe Nickell disagrees. 

Spiked: Atheists should stop playing the victim:

“Perhaps keen to shake off the tag of ‘Darwin’s pitbulls’, atheist campaigners now play the role of put-upon pups.”  

Connecticut columnist grouses about the Reason Rally, sticks out tongue, harumphs, etc:

“Even though atheists have a right to angry free speech just like the rest of us, all the ranting is ultimately irrelevant because God will continue to exist with or without them.” 

Here’s a Flickr picture of our boss Ron Lindsay at the rally, and he doesn’t look angry, like, at all 

NYT Book Review: U.S. Grant – Military genius, crappy president, class-A jerk to Jews 

Spend some time with a South Jersey psychic, to, I dunno, read the minds of these seagulls 

Even Fox News thinks this UFO in Vegas is a bunch of malarkey 

Barbara Kay in National Post compares anti-blasphemy laws in Muslim world to repression of hate speech in UK 

Quote of the Day 

Tennessee’s ACLU chief Hedy Weinberg on the state’s anti-evolution bill 

“As the Supreme Court has stated, families ‘entrust public schools with the education of their children, but condition their trust on the understanding that the classroom will not purposely be used to advance religious views that may conflict with the private beliefs of the student and his or her family.’ This legislation represents a betrayal of that trust and, accordingly, [Governor] Haslam must veto it.”

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