The Morning Heresy 4/6/12: Holy Vodka

April 6, 2012

Your daily digest of relevant news and links from Paul Fidalgo

CFI’s Office of Public Policy tells Health and Human Services not to require acupuncture be covered by insurance

By the way, we know many of you disagree with this position, and have been telling us so. We welcome the debate and discussion — just don’t poke us with anything sharp

CFI-Indiana’s Reba Wooden talks to local radio station WFHB about (award-winning) “Living without Religion” billboard

Chris Mooney vs. S.E. Cupp on MSNBC on what it means to be skeptical about science

Student guest blogger Jason Cooperrider recounts his experience at last month’s Moving Secularism Forward conference, calls Eddie Tabash’s speech “incredibly inspiring and fear-inducing,” which I think is on the money

Reuters: Two Tunisian teens jailed for blasphemy for drawing, yes, cartoons of Muhammad

Lisa Miller in WaPo: Doubt may be a good thing for believers

Jesus’s shadow appears on a column in a New Orleans chapel, thousands gather to gawk at a big formless smudge (that I think looks a lot more like Skeletor than Jesus, FWIW)

Oh, he’s also on this dead fish.

Portland, OR professor Peter Boghossian has had it with faith: “. . . enough is enough. A lot of people are sick and tired of being held hostage to the delusions of others, and I’m one of those people.”

Note: Dr. Boghossian will be joining CFI affiliates in Oregon for several events, including this one on April 28

Tennessean: TN senate approves bill to promote abstinence in school, activists for reality deliver petition for governor to veto anti-science education bill (with video)

“Death priming”: New Zealand university study shows nonbelievers unconsciously become more susceptible to religious belief as they become anxious about death

Massachusetts elementary school takes “God” out of Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA,” parents freak out, Fox News covers it, etc., etc.

That’s only the second-most covered story for us today. The big story that a billion outlets are covering this morning? An atheist converts to Christianity! (No word on the theological position of his giant cat)

Jezebel: Stop using cavemen as an excuse for your fad diet

Discover Mag’s The Crux blog: News media has no idea how to report nutritional studies

Is that a “2001” monolith on your red planet or are you just happy to see me?

Kazakhstan: No Allah on our vodka bottles

Puff piece on local homeopathic veterinarian. Doc says, “…the interesting thing is that back 100 years ago, about one-fourth of the doctors in the U.S. were homeopaths. After legal changes were made, it kind of pushed them out of the picture. They couldn’t really operate their schools anymore, and it made it really hard for them to do what they were doing.” Go figure!

Judge to Missouri bishop charged with not reporting abuse: No dismissal for you

Santa Barbara Independent interviews Tim Minchin

NYT: Ms. Lisa the psychic will shower before telling your fortune as you’re ushered into her boutique by some shirtless guy

Pope to dissenters: If you want me to change my dictatorial ways, OBEY!!!

Quote of the Day

Actor Keira Knightly on how easy it is for right wing Christian politicians to get away with immorality

“If only I wasn’t an Atheist, I could get away with anything. You’d just ask for forgiveness and then you’d be forgiven. It sounds much better than having to live with guilt.”

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