The Morning Heresy 5/4/12: Woonsocket in My Pocket

May 4, 2012

Your daily digest of relevant news and links from Paul Fidalgo

The Secular Coalition for America’s announcement of Republican activist Edwina Rogers as their new executive director garners a plethora of reactions and coverage (CFI’s affiliate organization Council for Secular Humanism is an SCA member organization)

Kimberly Winston in WaPo has SCA advisory board chair Woody Kaplan’s explanation, as only Woody can give it:

The initial response of the search committee was, no way, this is ridiculous. But then we thought about it and we decided she deserved some consideration for her superb credentials. And if she is willing to lobby on the issues, what the hell? That may give us more credibility, and in fact, she does. She represents us unequivocally.

Patrick Gavin in Politico:

As for how her friends in Washington’s elite Republican circles reacted to her new gig, Rogers said the feedback has been “extremely positive.”

Sarah Posner: “Her tenure will certainly be interesting to watch.”

GOOD’s Nona Willis Aronowitz:

As the election heats up and we start to scrutinize every voter’s little quirk, let’s do ourselves a favor and remember that one’s religious affiliation—or lack thereof—doesn’t always fit into a neat little box.

Also in The Hill and Glenn Beck’s The Blaze

The Daily Caller also covered the story, but I refuse to link to them, and it’s my blog, and I can do what I want

Hemant has a long interview with Rogers

PZ is none too pleased

Stephanie Zvan is “highly ambivalent

Jen McCreight squirms

Ophelia: “Um.

Greg Laden: “Bwahaha

Dan Fincke thinks Rogers has some explaining to do re: Michael J. Fox 

American Humanist Association (also a member org of SCA) is “eager” to work with Rogers

PoliticusUSA asks, fairly inappropriately I might add:

Doesn’t she care that [the GOP] will spank her and take away her elephant pin? They will probably tell her to give back her American flag pin as well. An atheist Republican is almost as difficult to imagine as a gay Republican and we know how poorly they fare in today’s culture war atmosphere  (Richard Grenell being a case in point).

In other news… 

CFI joins 22 other groups to press Obama to keep a promise, end anti-LGBT discrimination by federal contractors

ThinkProgress news flash on the letter

CSI’s Joe Nickell reviews the new documentary Bully

Chris Mooney picks apart conservative anti-gay fake science for AlterNet

Hemant gathers up a whole mess of National Day of Reason proclamations by mayors and governors

He also has a collection of politicians’ responses to the National Atheist Party‘s “what will you do for atheists” question

Atheists silently protest National Day of Prayer ceremony at city hall in Middleton, Connecticut

President Obama’s actual prayer day proclamation

Houston Chronicle blogger doesn’t understand why we care, writes, “It is with resp
ect and compassion that I ask: so what??” (The “so what” was also in red, which I can’t duplicate here, but that’s just how serious she was. Red, folks.)

Kuwait parliament passes death-for-blasphemy bill

A guy travels from Michigan to Rhode Island to donate $1000 to the city of Woonsocket’s fight to keep a memorial cross on public property

San Jose Mercury News reports on more scamming psychics:

More than stealing money, the common-law San Jose couple ravaged the trust of their victims.

Break-ins at sanitarium partly attributed to “ghost hunters”

PZ calls Jon Stewart interview with David Barton “insipid and pandering”

Methodists decide they are still not OK with gays

Would you shoot Bigfoot?

Not so fast! Bigfoot might be in league with the aliens

Aliens, I should add, that fly in triangles!

Quote of the Day

Peter Thompson in the Guardian, as an atheist diagnosed with MS:

. . . there is no anger because I do not have any sense of having been selected for this.

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