The Morning Heresy 5/7/12: Fruitloops Goonybat

May 7, 2012

Your daily digest of relevant news and links from Paul Fidalgo

Welcome to the work-week, folks. I just bought a bicycle yesterday, and it’s the first time I’ve ridden one in almost 20 years, so as you can imagine, it’s a whole new world for me (the whole gear-shifting thing was explained to me, but I only pretended to understand it). Perhaps to avoid hurting myself too badly, I should have taken my new bike to Milton’s Episcopal Church of Our Saviour in Massachusetts, where they were blessing bicyclists and motorcyclists with holy water from a bike helmet. It actually looked like it was kind of fun! (Hat tip to Heresy reader Jay for the link.)

Point of Inquiry’s Chris Mooney goes on MY FAVORITE SHOW, Up with Chris Hayes, and does a spot on The Young Turks

CFI-Indiana’s Reba Boyd Wooden is in DC today to lobby the White House and Senate on filling judicial vacancies

AtheismTV has video interviews with folks from the secular movement in the Reason Rally tent (played to an electric guitar version of “Flight of the Bumblebee,” which is weird), including our own Michael De Dora 

Maryam Namazie reprints an address on Sharia law given on the CFI Rhine River cruise  

LaRae Meadows recaps SkeptiCal 2012 

Do the Double-X Double Take and keep yourself from being bamboozled by questionable science and medicine journalism 

Valerie Tarico has a long piece at AlterNet on diplomats vs. firebrands in atheists’ dealings with religion 

More Edwina Rogers reax from the atheosphere (let’s just say people aren’t dancing for joy yet)

Greg Laden says Rogers may need a Tardis to go back to a time when across-the-aisle work was possible, recommends a withholding of trust until she can prove herself 

Greta: “Wheels are grinding” 

Austin Cline: “. . . how can we trust her? Indeed, how can we trust the people who hired her?”

Crommunist: “Ms. Rogers’ claim that the religious right is a fringe movement of a much more centrist, moderate Republican party is absolutely laughable.” 

Jacques Berlinerblau at the Chronicle of Higher Education is the most bullish on Rogers I’ve seen so far:

Asleep-at-the-wheel secular leaders, clinging to the sepia-tinged memories of knightly JFK and principled card-carrying separationist studs like Michael Dukakis, never fully understood that for more and more Democrats the affair was over. 

Shameless-yet-relevant self-promotion: This squares with my own writing in my mini-book on the secular movement in the section entitled “They’re Just Not That Into You: Atheists and the Democratic Party,” where I write:

Democrats have been carefully balancing their desire to win over believers while remaining true to secularist/pluralistic principles, but they have remained vulnerable to knee-jerk reactions from traditionalists who conclude that those who hold liberal social positions must therefore also be irreligious.

Bill Lehto and his collection of essays, Atheist Voices of Minnesotaprofiled in local paper 

Ottawa Citizen asks religious leaders what they think of atheists, and some of the answers are weird 

John W. Loftus rounds up how a lot of people think Sam Harris wrong about a lot of stuff 

I don’t know what the Alyona Show is, but Hemant was pretty happy to see Sean Faircloth on there to talk National Day of Reason 

Seems even the Vatican is a little taken aback by the Legion of Doom‘s crackdown on nuns  

Archbishop of Philadelphia declares five priests “unsuitable for ministry” due to sex abuse allegations, exonerates three others 

Leah Libresco on the discomfort some folks feel with evolution’s bad rap 

Taslima Nasrin reminds us of the connection between feminism and secularism  

PZ pounces when HuffPo allows a fashion editor to tell us that Darwin was wrong (because of space vibrations or something), calls one of her citations a “fruitloops goonybat” 

If you see Bigfoot in Texas, feel free to murder him 

Angola prison inmates put on a play of “The Life of Jesus Christ”:

A spiritual but not particularly religious man, [director Gary] Tyler recounted the instructions he gave to the cast — which he picked himself — especially the Muslims and nonbelievers, and the male actors who were reluctant to play a snitch like Judas. You were acting a role when you were on the streets, he told them, and you were judged based on someone you were not. Use the same energy behind that deception for the role, one that you can control. 

Try not to be shocked: Alt-med doesn’t help you if you have prostate cancer 

Family squabble airs the dirty laundry of the Trinity Broadcasting Company 

Dr. Danny Crockarell on religion’s attempts to own “values” and its inevitable collision with humanism 

James Randi in Wired on his efforts against faith healing scams 

Raleigh News & Observer editorializes against North Carolina’s anti-gay Amendment One  

Quote of the Day   

io9’s Raychelle Burks on SkyMall’s hawking of a facial steamer that purports to produce steam molecules “1/8,000 smaller than normal water molecules”:

Just one problem: steam is just vaporized water, so it can’t be smaller than itself

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