The Morning Heresy 6/4/12: So-Called Paintball Experts

June 4, 2012


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Ed Brayton speaks on behalf of CFI-Michigan against hospital’s use of homeopathic and other nonscientific treatments 

Man shot with paintball

Local news coverage (paywalled) on the CFI-Indiana billboard vandalism reports:

There had been no problems since the billboard went up until blotches of red paint defaced the sign sometime after Sunday. There had been no problems when the same sign was installed in Marion County even though there were anonymous threats, [CFI-Indiana’s Reba Boyd] Wooden said.

How it was done is a mystery, but it wasn’t done by a paintball gun, paintball experts have told Wooden. It could have been done with balloons filled with paint. Whoever did it had to be elevated onto the billboard’s scaffolding and avoided hitting the adjacent promoting exercise.

Wooden said no police report has been filed because the Lamar representative told her it wouldn’t accomplish anything. Nobody has claimed they defaced the sign nor were any messages left behind.

“It just shows someone being intolerant of our message,” she said. 

Reba has not told the Heresy which “paintball experts” she consulted, so I have decided to begin a conspiracy theory about atheist-hating paintballers. 

CSI’s Ben Radford on his struggles to unexplain UFOs 

Dennis Markuze, he who was arrested in Canada for online taunts and threats against atheists, pleads guilty

Ashley Hamer and Katie Hovany at Skepchick infiltrate the deeply weird AutismOne conference

Gail Collins in NYRB on how Texas is ruining everyone’s textbooks 

SCA says a minister is attempting to disrupt the forming of a state chapter in Kentucky 

Minister of the Church of the SubGenius marries a bunch of people at once 

Justifications for religiously-based genocide, coming to a public school near you 

Kuwaiti Hamad al-Naqi sentenced to 10 years for Twitter blasphemy, which he denied posting 

Taslima Nasreen rounds up some pretty good burqa cartoons 

Kylie posts a troubling infographic on the state of vaccinations 

Video of Sam Harris at the Global Atheist Conference, which I haven’t watched yet, so no spoilers please

Sikivu Hutchinson laments the homophobic mind pollution of “Christian fascist culture” (Also: Hutchinson uses “vis-à-vis” more than anyone I’ve ever read)

Sally Quinn: If there is a God, here’s what he should do with the ever-sinful John Edwards 

Bill Maher asks Seth MacFarlane whether his atheism keeps him Emmy-less 

Now we’re being invaded by aliens…FROM THE RENAISSANCE!!

Mega-pastors rivaling Katy Perry and Justin Beiber for influence on Twitter

The Rapidian takes a look at the Unite Women rallies, of which CFI was a part 

AP: Are Obama and the DNC not putting enough emphasis on religious outreach? 

Black ministers in Massachusetts are not quite ready to get on board with Elizabeth Warren for Senate  

Huckster Jonathan Edward is coming to my neck of the woods, says skeptics are welcome. Hmmm. 

Speaking of frauds, another fake psychic pleads guilty to stealing over $200,000 

David Gibson: Southern Baptist Convention’s Richard Land loses his radio show over plagiarism scandal

Texas A&M professor opposes display of c
, becomes instant outcast 

Anti-Quote of the Day

Filed under “I can’t believe this was said in 2012,” Pastor Patrick Bray on the teaching of evolution in Georgia, which is apparently still controversial (hat tip Simon Brown):

What message are we sending to our children when they come away saying, ‘I’m an ape with less hair?’ 

Quote of the Day (well, yesterday)

Montaigne, looking askance at divine providence:

. . . nobody records their flimflams and false prognostics, forasmuch as they are infinite and common; but if they chop upon one truth, that carries a mighty report, as being rare, incredible, and prodigious. So Diogenes, surnamed the Atheist, answered him in Samothrace, who, showing him in the temple the several offerings and stories in painting of those who had escaped shipwreck, said to him, “Look, you who think the gods have no care of human things, what do you say to so many persons preserved from death by their especial favour?” “Why, I say,” answered he, “that their pictures are not here who were cast away, who are by much the greater number.” 

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