The Morning Heresy 6/5/12: Damn You, Sling King

June 5, 2012


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Our spies on the ground in Indiana tell us that the weapon used to deface our billboard may have been this ridiculous contraption, the Sling King 

slingshot girl

Will Gervais talks about his research on the relationship between (the lack of) critical thinking and religiosity on the latest Point of Inquiry

Taslima Nasreen on one of the most horrifying traditions of misogynistic Bronze Age culture: Bride burning (warning, the pictures are extremely disturbing)

Dawkins will be writing a book on his journey to atheism, set for 2014 

David Niose in PsychToday on many doubters’ eschewing of the A-word:

What is worthy of criticism . . . is the disingenuous claim that one’s refusal to identify as atheist is the result of some high-minded, principled position, if in fact it is not. If we refuse to identify as atheist even though the term, objectively applied, would accurately describe us, then we should at least be honest about the reasons. 

Hollywood begins to lose its mind as rumors swirl about a new PT Anderson film that might be about Scientology 

Kentucky public radio covers the flap over SCA trying to establish a state chapter there 

Dave Silverman interviews Edwina Rogers  

Activist Rob Sherman loses right to sue Illinois for funding restoration of a cross 

Muslim immigrants face violent resistance from neo-Nazis in Bonn, which “used to be a city of diplomats” 

Marty Kaplan, in the headline of the day winner (“God Loves David Brooks”), on the progress made on morality:

From Euripides to Shakespeare, Spinoza to Darwin, Tom Paine to John Rawls, Mark Twain to Wallace Stevens, part of the project of Western literature, philosophy and politics has been to lay bare the fictions of belief, the follies of virtue, the dangers of ultimate purposes. The task of progress has even been conceived as the opposite of what Brooks advocates: Our work is to replace the language of morals with the language of ethics, the authority of tradition with the process of deliberation, the revelation of divinity with the evidence of science. 

I endorse Richard Wade’s reimagining of the FFRF Winter Solstice display 

Buffalo News editorializes against basing secular laws on religious doctrine 

Adam Lee (recently quoted by Andrew Sullivan, which fills me with raging jealousy) on the intersection of progressivism and atheism:

All these data points show that, while there’s no necessary connection between atheism and progressive political views, in practice it usually does work out that way. I leave it up to you, readers, to weigh in on why that is. Are these the correct views, and atheists, being the most rational people around, are more likely to hit on them? 

Legion of Doom gives the thumbs-down to a nun’s book on sexual ethics 

Hide your nuns, City of Brotherly Love. Mr. Popey Head is coming in 2015.

HuffPo “naturopath” makes big, admittedly unsubstantiated claim about homeopathy’s use in addiction withdrawal:

Homeopathy is also incredibly effective for supporting patients in the early stages of recovery. By its nature non-toxic, homeopathy stimulates a person’s bodily systems to deal with stress and illness more efficiently.  

Mark Silk calls Cardinal Dolan’s child-rapist-bribe denials “bogus” 

FA features Sarah Henry on the plight of high school atheists 

Billy Cox of the Herald Tribune on the expedition to the underwater Millennium Falcon:

Why isn’t this a reality show? Holey moley, you’ve got “Storage Wars” and “Hoarders” and “Swamp People” but no live coverage of an attempt to reach what any decent marketing department can hype as a crashed alien spaceship?  

Kylie shares video of Eugenie Scott at the World Skeptics Congress 

It’s almost Fathers Day, folks (and if you’re curious, I like Apple products), but for that cryptozoologist you love, here’s a look at the “best” Bigfoot action figures 

Quote of the Day     

PFAW’s Michael Keegan, quoted in Edge on the right’s maddening efforts to block anti-bullying initiatives:

It’s almost unbelievable that there are organizations dedicated to opposing anti-bullying programs, but they’re out there and stronger than ever . . . These groups are so determined to fight every step of progress for LGBT rights that they’re willing to hurt children and teens in the process. That’s just shameful.

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