The Morning Heresy 6/8/12: The Garden of Your Mind

June 8, 2012

Your daily digest of relevant news and links from Paul Fidalgo

First things: Kylie Sturgess posts your must-view video of the day, a love note to all the trolls and haters out there. Now, it’s NSFW, but it’s delightful and you need it running through your head as your go about your day. So if you’re at the office, put on some headphones and maybe crouch really close to your display. Ready? Aaaaaaaaand CLICK!

CFI boss Ron Linday‘s piece contrasting the un-closeting of atheists and LGBT gets Huff-Posted!

CSI’s Joe Nickell joins the Buffalo Science Museum for a gander at that planetary event a couple days ago: “Isn’t science wonderful?”

Speaking of Joe, our own Debbie Goddard takes to her Skepchick column to sing Joe’s praises and struggle valiantly to come up with some cool Nickell memes (but no more of this one, please!)

Must-read: PZ is asked to rebut uncomfortable things written by Sikivu Hutchinson, and explains, “Unfortunately, I can’t write a rebuttal…because she’s right, damnit.”

Ed Brayton on Freethought Blogs: We don’t need no stinking mission statement:

Jesus, folks, pick a horse and ride it. We’re either a bunch of people who disagree with one another too often and therefore undermine atheism and “drown out” one another, or we’re a cult that destroys anyone who disagrees with us; we can’t be both, for crying out loud.

David Gibson at RNS has been doing some great work on the Legion of Doom: Today he has a smart analysis of their lack of accountability:

Not surprisingly, the bishops are hesitant to set up a system for punishing their colleagues or even to publicly rebuke them in part because they are a close-knit fraternity. They also know that such a system could one day be used against them.

Meanwhile, the Franciscan Friars join the nuns in an un-unholy alliance against the Legion of Doom

The CFI on Campus blog is apparently all-Stef-McGraw-all-the-time. Here she catches us up on the life of a servant-I-mean-intern at CFI, and here she recounts her leadership stories from her experience at a previous Student Leadership Conference.

Note to CFI from Ophelia Benson on conference decor ideas

Brian Dunning: Bigfoot and aliens are the beginning of skepticism, starting the conversation toward more sophisticated skepticism

Whoa whoa whoa. But what if Bigfoot is HIMSELF an alien??? Mind officially BLOWN. (And this is written by a guy who hosts a show called “Mysteries From Beyond the Other Dominion.” Come on. That’s a satirical title. Right? Right???)

A new anthology from the folks at Patheos looks at the future of religion, and includes nonreligion with contributions on that front from the likes of Ron Lindsay, Jennifer Michael Hecht, Dave Silverman, and Roy Speckhardt (hat tip Hemant)

Looks like all kinds of religion poison everything: In Myanmar, 10 Muslims were killed by a Buddhist mob

Now this is completely awesome: Also via Kylie, an animated, kinetic-text thingy from a debate between Ann Widdecombe and (swoon) Stephen Fry on the Catholic Church

OK, we won’t pray to Jesus at city council meetings. How about “Deity Supreme“? (Is that like “taco supreme”?)

CFI’s Center Stage podcast has part one of a discussion in Florida between Ron Lindsay, Tom Flynn, Dave Silverman, Ellenbeth Wachs, and Steven K. Green

Okay, I have one more awesome video for you to send you on your weekend.

Quote of the Day

The late Fred Rogers wants to tell you about your imagination, in a video from John Boswell of Symphony of Science:

Did you ever grow anything
In the garden of your mind?
You can grow ideas
In the garden of your mind
It’s good to be curious
About many things
You can think about things
And make believe
All you have to do is think
And they’ll grow!

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