An Indistinct Heat Signature

September 10, 2012

Your daily digest of news and links relevant to the secular and skeptic communities. 

With Pat Robertson on hand, Mitt Romney falsely implies that President Obama wants to take the word “God” out of the Pledge and off the currency. If only! 

Hemant has a good post on where atheists ought to concentrate their electoral efforts

Sarah Posner highlights CFI boss Ron Lindsay‘s take on the religious kerfuffles of the party conventions.

io9 does a big piece on the controversy over sexism in geek subcultures, including, yes, the skepto-atheosphere. 

CFI’s John Shook on the double-talk around “religious freedom”:

When a politician says, “Washington politicians are infringing on your personal religious liberties” what is really meant is “The government isn’t helping your denomination impose its views on other Americans”. 

Martin Pribble begins to post and analyze the results from his big “3 Questions” atheist survey. Part one here

NYT’s Laurie Goodstein has a horrifying piece on a child abuse case in the Catholic Church:

This is an account of how, as recently as 2011, in violation of both church and civil laws, a bishop and church officials failed to stop a priest from pursuing his obsession with taking pornographic photographs of young girls.  

Rimsha Masih, the young Pakistani girl accused of blasphemy, is released and put on a helicopter

Study shows an increase in the reliance on supernatural explanations for tough questions as people age. 

Video is up of CSI’s Ben Radford talking Doomsday prophecies at this year’s TAM. 

DC Comics introduces a new Muslim Green Lantern

For what it’s worth, the National Atheist Party endorses the president for reelection. 

Shock: Study shows that folks who deny reality of global warming more likely to buy into other nutty conspiracy theories. 

Someone should check on those private schools’ curricula. Parents sending their kids there are worse about vaccinations than in public schools.

Religion Dispatchetalks to Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Says Weinstein: “We’re a very aggressive and militant civil rights organization.” 

Daily Beast piece on Putin and the Kremlin’s alliance with “cross-wearing thugs” of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Looking for Bigfoot in Kentucky:

[Researcher] Morin showed the audience an infrared-camera video taken in April that showed an indistinct “heat signature” of … something.

Nigel Barber: Global affluence is killing religion. 

I totally missed this UFO conference right here in my own state of Maine. 

Also here in Maine: Psychic enlisted to help in 20-year-old missing persons case. 

Cartoon Network freaks some people out with UFO stunt. 

I’m really glad Sharon Hill put this post together: Guess what? There may be detrimental effects to poking hundreds of holes in yourself with needles. 

WaPo advice columnist advises Christian reader to accept her daughter’s newfound atheism: “Skepticism is no less personal than faith.”

Quote of the Day      

SETI scientist Jill Tarter, from a CSI piece by LaRae Meadows:

Science isn’t a popularity contest. Science isn’t what you want to believe. It isn’t what anyone believes. Science is what currently is the best explanation for the data and evidence that we have at hand.

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