The Skepcook: Gourmet Anti-Vampire Soup

October 20, 2011

(From time to time the Skepcook will critically address dietary matters—whether his role is chef, restaurant critic, culinary creator, or other persona.)

A guest who turns away from this delicious first-course offering, is probably a—well, you know what! Check the person’s image in a mirror!

Into a white bowl (to symbolize purity) pour your favorite blood-red tomato soup (it can be canned, if no one is looking). Serve with a small piece of garlic pierced by a skewer—a.k.a. a wooden stake—inserted in the bowl. And because this is gourmet anti-vampire soup, sprinkle some basil on top. (If it’s in season, snip on some fresh basil from your herb garden.)

This soup makes a fine accompaniment to the Mothman Sandwich I offered in an earlier blog (“The Business of Mothman,” April 6, 2011). Guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness, but if one should say, “Fangs a lot,” you can use the stake on the offender. (Punning is surely worse than nibbling on necks. The CFI’s resident punster Tom Flynn please be advised.)

You may wonder about the inspiration for this offering. Well, it was the food critic, who is the bane of every gourmet, and who thus naturally makes one think of wolf’s bane, an herb with reputed anti-werewolf and -vampire properties. But since that herb is poisonous, I next thought of garlic, whose purported vampire-repelling properties are well known. (If anyone believes this torturous explanation, he or she is not as skeptical as we would like at Skeptical Inquirer science magazine.)

Actually, it was merely a whimsy of mine, which came to me in my persona of culinary creator—an ongoing role.

Anyway, bon appétit!