There’s Nothing “Mini” About This

June 5, 2016

After what I assume were thousands of very long showers to wash the sweat, dirt, pollen, sunscreen, and exhaustion away, the assembled heathens in Washington rise again this morning for the Reason Rally mini-con. As I type, I am told there’s some jumping up and down and singing with the Sunday Assembly, which I wholeheartedly support and encourage, if not partake in.

This is called a “mini-convention,” but just take a look at the schedule, and it doesn’t feel so “mini.” If anything, it’s an overwhelmingly varied and eclectic buffet of secularism. I frankly don’t know how people will choose what to see and what to miss.

Of course, all the organizations are ensconced behind their various propaganda tables, and CFI/RDF is no different, so please make sure you come by to say hi, and get subtly convinced of the absolute necessity to become a member. And get a sticker!

I’ll tell you right now, the biggest deal for me will be the keynote from Bonya Ahmed. I love that we have someone who’s not necessarily famous, but a real damn hero.

More soon!