“They Are Mighty” – Debbie Goddard on the Impact of Women in Secularism

September 23, 2016

CFI’s VP of Outreach, Debbie Goddard, made an excellent point in her opening remarks for Women in Secularism 4, that even though these conference have not been enormous events packed with thousands of attendees, their reverberations are always felt well beyond the events themselves.

These conferences, says Debbie, “have been mighty,” adding, “They have been some of the most challenging, exciting, and impactful conferences that the freethought movement has seen in many years.”

The reason for this is the conversations that these conferences spark, conversations that happen both on stage and off, and that don’t happen anywhere else. She cited examples of some of the movement’s larger debates and discussions, and even changes in organizations’ policies, all as a result of the exchange of ideas that happen at Women in Secularism.

We’re pretty confident that this one will be no different.