Tortuous millennia of climate change

July 6, 2016


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Paul is still on vacation, so you’re still stuck with his Morning Heresy understudy, Stef McGraw (with the help of Outreach colleague Cody Hashman).

We joined with the ACLU and others in telling the Supreme Court to not permit the funding of church facilities with taxpayer dollars. This is in regard to the case of Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia, Inc. v. Pauley, where the state of Missouri did something right and rejected a church’s application for public funds to be used for a church-run children’s play area. You can read the amicus brief here .

In light of the recent attacks in Dhaka, Bangladesh, has an insightful interview with Avijit Roy’s father, Ajoy: “Despite the violence, bloodshed and carnage, all is not lost in Bangladesh.”

The New York Times has an interesting opinion piece about “The Theology of Donald Trump,” in which the author writes:

Evangelical Christians who are enthusiastically supporting Donald Trump are signaling, even if unintentionally, that this calling has no place in politics and that Christians bring nothing distinctive to it — that their past moral proclamations were all for show and that power is the name of the game.

Shots fired!

Speaking of Donald Trump, Quartz tells us what we all already know: to win votes, it’s feelings over facts.

If your next vacation isn’t to Northern Kentucky, you’re doing it wrong, because the Ark Encounter opens tomorrow! Brought to you by Answers in Genesis, the fine folks who gave the world the Creation Museum, it’s a “full-scale replica” of Noah’s Ark. Luckily, WCPO – 9 On Your Side was there and was definitely on our side, if “our side” means “barely containing excitement while trying so hard to neutrally report the news.”

You can finally settle your fierce “climate change vs. asteroid” debates, because a new study says it was both that killed off the dinosaurs. I also want to shake hands with author of this article for writing this dramatic first sentence:

The dinosaurs’ long reign was not ended swiftly but by torturous millennia of climate change before and after a giant asteroid slammed into Earth, scientists have said.

NPR profiles a book called Becoming Brilliant: What Science Tells Us About Raising Successful Children. I’m sure Paul already does everything the book suggests.

If there’s alien life out there, the world’s largest telescope, located in China, is ready to find it.

Quote of the Day:

More of Avijit Roy’s father, Ajoy Roy:

My country is going through a rough patch now.

But every crisis gives birth to something good.

Just as the fanatics are raising their ugly heads in Bangladesh at present, I am witnessing the rise of a group of sane, logical and carefree youth who can put everything at stake to establish peace and harmony.

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