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Toxic Pillows

August 19, 2020

Heeeeere we go. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s antivaxxer group is suing Facebook for pointing out when they’re lying and rejecting their propaganda ads. I can’t believe I’m being put in a position in which I’m rooting for Facebook. I hate you, 2020.

We have an action alert for folks in Virginia: Stop a bill in the legislature’s special session that would create a religious exemption for emergency immunizations.

Anderson Cooper takes on the MyPillow guy for touting oleandra as “an amazing cure” for COVID-19 that is “the miracle of all time”:

Sir, just for our viewers, you have no medical background. You’re not a scientist. A guy called you in April, said he had this product. You are now on the board and going to make money from the sale of this product. … And you stand to make money from it. How do you sleep at night?

Steven Novella digs into what is actually wrong with the claims about oleandra: it’s a deadly toxin.

Protesters rallied in Madrid on Sunday to denounce face masks, social distancing, vaccines, and 5G.

The Center for American Progress has a paper on ways social media platforms can combat COVID-19 misinformation. I assume step one is that they must actually want to.

Scientific American rounds up nine coronavirus myths that won’t go away.

COVID-19 is causing a minkpocalypse. Arminkgeddon.

Next week CFI Insider will cover the role of freethought in women’s suffrage, and you should sign up for it now. RNS has a piece on the various attitudes toward religious within the movement, starting with “Christian adversary” Matilda Joslyn Gage.

Tyler Broker at Above the Law on the “judicial hostility” to secularism: “For religious liberty to be considered equal, nonbelievers must be granted the same free-conscience protections afforded to believers under the RFRA standard.”

Remember when Trump was so mad at Twitter that he made up an executive order to, I dunno, stop them from pointing out when he lies? The FCC then opened up for public comments about it, and 10 percent of them are identically worded comments that originate from the pro-theocracy Liberty Council.

Secular Democrats for America have posted video of their event at the Democratic Convention with folks like Rep. Jared Huffman, Rep. Jamie Raskin and Ann Druyan.

Mark Silk says Joe Biden better look out for the “strong Judeo-Christian Trump phalanx.”

Trump says the quiet part out loud (again). “We moved the capital of Israel to Jerusalem. That’s for the evangelicals. … the evangelicals are more excited about that than Jewish people!”

Tara Isabella Burton says Kanye West’s presidential pseudocampaign is “deeply rooted in both his Christian faith and his absurdly devout passion for self-promotion.”

I missed this when it was published a couple weeks back: Daniel Pipes at WSJ on the importance of ex-Muslims: “With passion and unique authority, ex-Muslims push believers to think critically about their faith.”

The Times introduces us to the Aetherius Society, “a religious group that believes communicating and working with aliens will better humanity.”

The televangelist who can blow pandemics away like the Big Bad Wolf, Kenneth Copeland, has had his show on Trinity Broadcasting canned.

Herders are drawing eyes on cows’ butts.

Scientific American has a new piece up titled “Scientific American vs. the Supernatural,” which got me all excited, but it’s paywalled. So I can’t definitively prove the existence of this article beyond the first couple sentences.

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