Ultimately our lives are meaningless

July 7, 2016

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Paul is still on vacation, so you’re still stuck with his Morning Heresy understudy, Stef McGraw (with the help of Outreach colleague Cody Hashman).

We just discovered this piece which argues that Bangladesh’s recent acts of terrorism are home-grown rather than connected to ISIS, and it’s written by none other than the Prime Minister’s son. So, take that with the appropriate dose of skepticism.

This is also few days old, but it’s an interesting read nonetheless: The Washington Post reports on a former Ivy League student who joined ISIS, became disillusioned, and then called on the FBI to help him escape.

The Friendly Atheist reports on the case of a student who was essentially bullied by his teacher and school administrators for choosing not to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance. The harassment is detailed in a letter the American Humanist Association sent to the superintendent, including this anecdote:

…he was intimidated into standing by his teacher, Mr. Romero, who reportedly used an expletive, yelling at the student and calling him “f—ing disrespectful.”

Speaking of “f—ing disrespectful,” Philadelphia’s Archbishop Charles Joseph Chaput says that remarried Catholics don’t actually have a valid marriage and that they should avoid sex and “live as brother and sister.”

Hey Catholic Church, I think I might have solved that “Why are people leaving us in droves?” mystery.

Always wishing there were more time in the day? Well, you’re in luck because on December 31 of this year, they’re adding a “leap second.” Now you have no excuse not to get those Christmas thank you notes done before January.

Don’t worry, atheists, evangelist Billy Graham says it’s possible for God to intervene and turn us into Christians, which is good because “…when we leave him out of our lives an empty place is left in our hearts, and ultimately our lives are meaningless and without hope.”

I listened to this interview about the Kiryas Joel community of Satmar Hasidic Jews and the resulting Supreme Court case involving their school district on my way home from work last night, and I highly recommend it.

Hey, if this whole Earth thing doesn’t work out, maybe someday it will be possible to live on Saturn’s moon Titan

Quote of the Day:

More of Billy Graham’s wisdom on atheism:

Only God can fill that empty place and give us hope for the future.


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