Ingersoll Memorial, Peoria, IL.

Unretouched Ingersoll Memorial Photograph

July 15, 2020

We recently returned (in a limited fashion) to the offices here in Amherst, New York. While researching the accumulated information and media requests, I found this wonderful photo related to Robert G. Ingersoll. The image shows the Ingersoll family and friends with a wreath placed at the base of the Ingersoll Memorial in Ingersoll Park, Peoria, Illinois. The photo itself is mounted on heavy cardboard, and the surface is damaged where the paper was removed when it was mounted in either a scrapbook or photo album.

The following information is located on the back of the photo:

Peoria, Ills. Oct, 28, 1911
Mrs. R.G. Ingersoll
Maud R Ingersoll
Mrs Eva Ingersoll Brown
Mr R.G.J. Brown
Miss Eva I Brown
John J. Black
G.W. Curtis

Jesse Sawyer, Photographer,
Peoria, Illinois

I showed this photo to Tom Flynn, and he told me the history of this particular photograph. Apparently, this is a hard-to-find image, so much so the copies that appear in other places and were all created from this particular copy. Tom showed me the various changes between our copy and a scan of a retouched version of the photo. There are some quality issues with the contrast in the statue, and the “I” on the statue base seems to be missing from the retouched versions.

Once properly mounted, this item will be going on display at the Center for Inquiry Libraries.