Sam Harris Talks “The Moral Landscape” in NYC

October 13, 2010

On Oct. 7, 2010, the Center for Inquiry in New York City hosted Sam Harris for a public lecture about his new book, The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values . Full video of this talk is now available on the Center for Inquiry’s YouTube page. It runs about one hour and 45 minutes, including both the lecture and the question-and-answer session. 

Click here to view this video.

In his talk, Harris argues against the notion that good and evil, and right and wrong, are unanswerable by science. Harris posits that science can — and should — be an authority on moral issues, shaping human values and setting out what constitutes a good life. Whether or not you agree with Harris, he makes some very interesting points that, at the least, will get you thinking about your own moral views. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.