What the World Needs Most is Critical Inquiry

October 15, 2012

We hear it at every event, big or small. We hear it from all sides, from every kind of attendee at Center for Inquiry events. 
Maybe you’ve heard it yourself. “We need to get more people to understand critical thinking!” And maybe it has occurred to you that your own critical thinking skills could use a refreshening. 
Here’s the opportunity of the season: David Koepsell’s online class in Critical Inquiry.  From the course description:
“This course on Critical Inquiry will explore all of the various tools necessary not just to persuade, but to make logically valid and sound arguments. We will explore formal validity, which helps make arguments incontrovertible, and the tools of inductive reasoning that help to demonstrate the truth of premises. We will also delve a bit into the proper use of rhetoric, combined with logic, to make persuasive arguments. Finally, we will examine some common formal and informal fallacies which you should avoid making and should point out when others make.”