December 14, 2018

Michael Gerson: Republican, conservative, former George W. Bush speechwriter, humanist. Wait, what? Most Western societies, including the United States, have reached the stage of secularism without humanism. Our greatest efforts are spent on getting and keeping. Our defining creed is consumerism. … What we need is a revival of humanism. This need not be secular humanism …

“Playboy” with Joe Nickell et al.: “Having Sex with Spirits”
December 13, 2018

What is it with people “having sex with spirits”? And what would Joe Nickell and Chris French know about it? For answers we turn to an article by Mark Hay for (July 16, 2018). Of course tales of phantom sex hark back to “ancient Sumerian myths to the Bible to still extant beliefs in …

If You Want to Put On a Diaper
December 13, 2018

Yesterday I told you about CFI West’s Independent Investigations Group and their star turn on National Geographic Explorer as they showed how flat-Earthers are flat wrong. In Skeptical Inquirer, CFI West’s Jim Underdown documents the experience and considers the implications of the flat-Earth movement: There was a certain irony to many flat earthers using some …

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“Playboy” with Joe Nickell et al.: “Having Sex with Spirits”

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Have Christians Accepted the Scientific Conclusion That God Does Not Answer Intercessory Prayer?

An Evolution of Lies

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The Satanic Temple | Mental Health Abuse and Malpractice

Richard Dawkins and Richard Wiseman In Conversation on Atheism, Evolution, and his books

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