Not Very Aloha of You
July 13, 2018

Ben Radford investigates the claims about “Sarah Ann,” the ghost of a child said to haunt Fort George in Ontario: A closer look at the “ghost report” itself helps explain why it’s so fragmentary and contradictory. Instead of [author Jeff] Belanger doing any investigation himself, he simply relied on what other people told him about …

Womb Raider: Women’s Health vs. the First Amendment
July 13, 2018

The past few weeks have been brutal Though it may seem like a lifetime ago, it was a mere three years ago our country was celebrating the historic Ogerfell v. Hodges Supreme Court decision that declared all marriages, regardless of the couple’s genders, legal. Cut to 2018. Instead of continuing to move our nation forward, …

Sarah Ann, Fort George’s Most Famous Ghost
July 12, 2018

Located a short walk from the picturesque Canadian town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Fort George is an impressive hidden little gem of history. Comprising about a dozen wooden buildings scattered around a roughly coffin-shaped outer wall supported by six blocky bastions, the fort is a popular attraction for tourists and history buffs alike. Replica cannons appear …

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Not Very Aloha of You

Womb Raider: Women’s Health vs. the First Amendment

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Richard Dawkins and Richard Wiseman In Conversation on Atheism, Evolution, and his books

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