Asif Mohiuddin

Asif Mohiuddin

Asif Mohiuddin, ~30, is an engineer and one of Bangladesh’s most prominent atheists and bloggers. He was attacked by suspected radical Muslims, then jailed for his criticism of Islamic tenets.

On January 14, 2013, as Mohiuddin arrived to work in the capital area of Dhaka, he was brutally attacked and stabbed by a group of men. According to Haridas Saha, a surgeon at Dhaka Medical College Hospital: “The nature of the cuts proved that the attackers wanted to murder him.”

Mohiuddin partially recovered, but was later arrested “for posting derogatory comments about Islam and the Prophet Muhammad.”

On June 27, 2013, Mohiuddin was released on bail. However, on July 29, his plea for permanent bail was denied, and he was sent back to prison.

Mohiuddin was eventually released on bail, and then escaped the country, but the charges against him were never dropped.


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