These Bangladeshi Bloggers Were Murdered by Islamist Extremists. Here Are Some of Their Writings.

At the Washington Post, Ishan Tharoor has collected some of the writings of bloggers killed in Bangladesh over the past year. Here is one example:

Niloy Chatterjee, who went by the pen name Niloy Neel, was murdered in August in his apartment, his body brutally mutilated by his attackers. “His blood [was] spattered all over the books he loved,” noted a Bangladeshi secularist blog. Not long after the death of Das, Chatterjee had posted a notice on his Facebook page detailing an incident where be believed he was being tailed by suspicious individuals.

“I was quite scared, and hurried into a unfamiliar alley. Later when I looked back, I noticed that another young man, who had also been on the bus, had joined this young man, and they had not followed me into the alley; they were waiting at the alley entrance. Then I was quite certain that I was being followed,” he wrote.

He said that he tried to file a complaint, but no police officers would accept it.  “A police officer had told me in confidence that the police do not want to accept” such complaints, Chatterjee explained with bemusement, because then the officer would have to be “accountable to ensure the personal safety of said individual. If the said individual faces any difficulty, then the relevant police officer may even lose his job for negligence in duty.” Then he was told: “Leave the country as soon as possible.”

You can read the full article here.