Support the Freethought Books Project

Although many books to prisoners projects exist, no other projects are available that specifically focus on providing secular literature to prisoners in need. Atheists, in the prison population, are an even smaller minority than in the general population, and access to secular, freethought, and educational literature can be very hard to find. In a time when rehabilitation is almost synonymous with religious piety, the freethinking prisoner’s need for secular literature has never been greater. There are many different ways you can support the project.

Donate Money

Your monetary donation to the Freethought Books Project will go directly to operating costs including postage, wrapping paper, tape, and of course books. Donate online here!

You can also mail a check to our address (with “Freethought Books Project” in the notes section), listed below, or email to find out how you can financially support the project.

Donate Books

If you have books that you would like to donate, you can contact the coordinators at or mail them USPS to:

Freethought Books Project
Center for Inquiry
PO Box 741
Amherst, NY 14226

Please let us know if you plan to send books our way, with a tracking number if possible, so that our coordinator can know to check the PO box for the package. If you’d prefer to use a different shipping method, contact us and we’ll coordinate something.

Here are some ways you can donate books to the project

As one prisoner shared, in a letter of thanks to Leslie in 2008,

“I wanted to thank you for sending us the donated books from your Freethought Books Project. As I read them I’m passing them to friends of mine and they in turn will donate them to our library here. One of the many odd and ironic things that I’ve learned about prison is that the percentage of professed Christians here is much higher than I had ever known it to be on the streets. To my amusement there’s even a resurgence of Norse myths and God worship called Asatru that the more racially divisive whites are embracing. Most all of it circles back to my questioning what so many Christians are doing here in the first place. If the Christian tenets had been properly applied in their lives prior to their incarcerations then shouldn’t they not be here in the first place? It all seems so much more rote and dogmatic when seen in the light that a stay in prison casts.

“The few of us here that trade similar books between ourselves are trying to recommend these and other titles to friends who might enjoy them. I thank you again for your infusion of sense into an environment that is, at best, utterly nonsensical. It is heartening to see an alternative point of view represented in such a place and the books you’ve sent will be read and re-read many times over, so once again-many thanks.”